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The benefits and harms of pineapple

Pineapple can safely single out among other fruits because in addition to impressive taste, is fraught with a whole “pharmacy”. He has a very rich set of vitamins, mineral substances and microelements. For example, Vitamin C in the pineapple more than the lemon. In contrast to mammals (in which the vitamin C is produced independently) man needs in his hand from the outside. Pineapple – a good source of this vitamin.

It is worth noting that we are talking only about fresh (cheese) pineapple, not canned.

In addition, pineapple has the following properties:

Many people love pineapple thanks to its composition of bromelain. This substance helps our body better break down protein and burn fat. Pineapple also can be considered a dietary product. 100 grams is only 50 calories and lots of nutrients.

Doctors recommend eating pineapple on an empty stomach. Since the substance bromelain is well absorbed only when an empty stomach, and when mixing other types of food, loses its properties.

Bromelain may also deal with various inflammatory diseases. Such as tonsillitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, arthritis and others.

Fights colds, saturating our body with all necessary useful substances. Helps to fight infection. Strengthens and protects the immune system. It will not hurt to include in your diet during cold and flu season in autumn and spring, because the high content of ascorbic acid in the pineapple is the key to success in the fight against viruses and infections.



Pineapple can lower blood pressure. Prevents the formation of thrombosis. With regular use, can prevent varicose veins, helping blood to be more fluid.


In addition to extensive helpful qualities, pineapple has a number of contraindications.

People with high acidity of the stomach, gastritis and ulcer, you should refrain from pineapple and pineapple juice. As contained in this acid can cause irritation of the gastric mucosa.

Speaking of the high acidity, you should not abuse this fruit to keep the teeth and enamel. After the grenade, after its use to clean teeth or at least rinse your mouth.

If You are not sure the health of your stomach, you shouldn't use pineapple juice on an empty stomach, and the flesh should drink clean water.

Also, children under 6, dilute pineapple juice with water, all because of the same acidity.

For pregnant women to eat pineapple there are caveats! Because the immature or damaged fruits have an abortive remedy. Also predosteregaet pineapple juice if You're not sure what it's made from fresh fruit.

Pineapple is a strong allergen. Worth it remember when it use for people sensitive to them.