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The benefits and harms of apricot

And the chemical composition of the apricot contains a lot of potassium, iron and magnesium. Due to the content of the first these fruits help to maintain the tone of blood vessels, iron with magnesium increases the amount of hemoglobin in the blood and contribute to the improvement of the body with severe anemia.

Useful properties of apricots in the fact that in their composition contains in a large amount of fiber. Thanks to her, a large part of the cholesterol entering the intestine with food, is not absorbed, and the amount of this enemy of the arteries in the blood decreases. Therefore, with intensive use of apricot medicinal properties which are apparent with regular use, reduces the risk of developing atherosclerosis.

Incidentally, the same potassium are very positive impact on the condition of the kidneys and bladder, having useful properties for kidney stones and nephritis. And the benefit of fiber is that it strongly activates the processes of digestion and absorption of food in intestines.

Another feature of the composition of the apricot is a large content of salts of iodine. By the way, most of them in the Armenian varieties. Due to this element of the apricot has healing properties for the thyroid gland does not develop goiter and stimulates the production of many essential hormones in the body.



Apricot seed beneficial properties

Very popular are also the pits of apricots. They are deprived of a solid protective shell, outwardly slightly reminiscent of almonds and some apricot varieties are completely devoid of bitterness.

Benefit of apricot seed that this contains apricot oil – a substance widely used in medicine and cosmetics. So, in Chinese medicine, apricot kernel, useful properties of which are actively used, treats respiratory disease and kidney disease. In cosmetics, the apricot oil is used in many creams and shampoos.

Harm apricot

Harmful properties of apricots are connected with his bones. The composition of apricot seed contains some dangerous substances. Hydrocyanic acid, amygdalin, both are very dangerous to humans. But their number is in the bones a little, and when you eat them with apricot pulp, pectin from fruits actively promoting the withdrawal of these substances from the body. Therefore, in order to poison these seeds, you need to try very hard.

Already such a cursory glance at the harmful and the beneficial properties of apricot enough to understand why it is so popular. Despite the fact that it blooms very early and therefore not every year can yield a harvest. These sweet and juicy fruits are very few, and those delicacies, which they present in dried form, is not inferior to the taste of the confectionary. Therefore, if contraindications are not there, feel free to enjoy these orange gifts of nature and their use, and, therefore, quickly correct their health.