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The benefits and harms of Banana

Banana - one of those fruits that are most often on our table. Bananas are the fruit of herbaceous plants Banana family. Plants perennial, which allows every year to collect a lot of fruits on a commercial scale. Surprisingly, but the banana plant is not really considered a palm tree, though we are used to thinking that way. The fact that the banana leaves as time and form a sort of palm trunk. The height of the trunk varies from 2 to 9-10 meters, which can be attributed to the banana plant is one of the tallest grass in the world. Bananas are loved by both adults and children for its unique sweet taste. Benefits and harms of bananas determined by a number of properties included in them, which we now consider. So, what is useful in bananas, how to choose them and consume food, is there any specific benefits of bananas for men, and what did the damage bear the bananas, we consider in this article. Useful properties of bananas. 1. Bananas - enough calorie fruit (calorie reaches 156 kcal per 100 g of ripe product).

Due to such a nutritional bananas in many countries are a major food source, such as the Philippines, Ecuador. Banana is an excellent snack for the traveler, a man with a heavy physical work, and just for any working person. Bananas, harm and benefits which are quite controversial, fast quench hunger, increase efficiency, which is an advantage for this fruit. Two bananas a day, between breakfast and lunch, and accordingly between lunch and dinner, will be sufficient to continue a productive working day. 2. Large amount of carbohydrates in bananas (up to 36 g per 100 g of ripe product) allows to use them with loss of strength, fatigue, fatigue. Carbohydrates - the main source of energy in our body. But bananas are quickly replenish energy fruit. 3. Few people know, but in bananas contain a considerable amount of vitamin C (36.4 mg per 100 g of ripe product). Therefore, bananas should be included in the diet with weak body resistance to infections, acute respiratory diseases, influenza, as a preventive measure. 4. Bananas contain also necessary for the human minerals - potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and even calcium that ensure the normal operation of all processes in the body and maintain optimal functioning of organs, the cardiovascular system, thyroid and other Vitamin 5. B6 contained in bananas, affects the formation of an important hormone in the blood - serotonin. Serotonin is also called "hormone of joy" because of its function in the nervous system is aimed at relieving the symptoms of stress, worries and experiences, and activates cells work to uplift your mood. The benefits of bananas for men - what is it? Surely you've heard a well-known fact that bananas help restore potency. This assertion rests on a scientific basis. With regular use of bananas (at least 2-3 times per week) is really restored male sexual function. This is due to the content in bananas substance called "tryptophan." Tryptophan in addition to increasing the potency regulates the brain cells, has a huge impact on the nervous system of the body. The inclusion of bananas in the diet prophylactically prevents premature aging of the brain cells. At high mental stress and lack of sleep men will also be useful to eat a banana every morning as a useful dessert.