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The benefits and harms of Avocado

Exotic fruits every year more and more are included in popularity and more and more often appear on our table. It was not an exception and the fruit called "avocado". Avocado - fruit of evergreen laurel family. It has a pear shape, and range in color from yellow to dark green. The taste is quite peculiar avocado - unripe fruit reminiscent of unsweetened pear and has a firm flesh. In the mature fruit is the opposite - the flesh is soft, pasty texture, and taste more than reminiscent of butter, nutty flavor. The avocado pulp can be found quite a large bone. If it is put in the 2-3 cm deep into the ground, then you present a houseplant grow avocados. By the way, quite unpretentious in care. The plant avocado need constant sunshine, abundant watering, and do not hesitate to stem the growth of pot. After a couple of weeks will give you a small avocado rostochkom. 

The question of the benefits and harms of avocado excites many fans of this fruit. We will now consider what useful properties bears the avocado, is there any possible contraindications when used in food, the best use of avocado in the kitchen and how to choose the most delicious fruit of the avocado. Useful properties of avocado. 1. Avocado contains a large amount of useful vegetable fat. 100 g of fruit can contain up to 30 grams of fat - it's a real champion on the content of fat among fruits. But with all that avocado is not the most nutritious fruit - calorie is only 160 kcal per 100 g fat This is useful in that it helps to resist arteriosclerosis, performs as a therapeutic and preventive function. Unsaturated fatty acid allows it useful substances completely absorbed in the human body. 2. Vitamin E contained in avocados, protects skin cells and the whole body from premature aging, protects against adverse external factors, gives the skin elasticity and healthy appearance. 3. Avocado, benefit and harm of which we consider to be very useful for women after fifty years, because it helps to cope with the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, menopause facilitates the preceding period. To do this, you must include in your diet avocados and eat one or two of the fetus during the week. 4. The natural antioxidant contained in avocado - glutathione. It helps the body to saturate the cells with oxygen. 5. The content of the avocado dietary fiber (3.65 mg per 100 g) suggests that eating avocados helps to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes stools with constipation. Avocados also contains vitamins and micro, macro (100 g fruit)