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The benefits and harms of pomelo

Each of us sometimes want to eat something tasty and exotic. From citrus we eat often oranges, tangerines and lemons. These products are called exotic anymore. Not so long ago there was a fruit called pomelo, otherwise it is called Pamela. Appearance in China - the home of pomelo - benefits and harms are known for a long time. Outwardly, it resembles a huge grapefruit or orange. Skin color can vary from pale green to bright orange. fetal form may be circular or pear. Peel his thick, juicy flesh is not very sweet with slight hints of bitterness. The inner part can have color from blue-green to reddish-orange. Weight on the shelves of our shops can reach kilograms. On tropical fruits trees can be found up to 10 kg. Of the varieties of citrus fruit that is the largest in size. Its advantage over all the others in that it is stored for a long time

 At room temperature, it may lie about one month in the refrigerator - longer. Useful properties of a lack of vitamins in the period, he became very popular among our countrymen. Let us consider in more detail the pomelo - benefits and harms of this fruit. Its use is primarily lies in the fact that it contains the vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a large quantity. Vitamins and minerals from the vitamins it contains: vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, rarely found in foods vitamin PP. Also, it contains minerals: potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, sodium. All of these nutrients help strengthen the immune system during periods of epidemics of influenza and colds. Ascorbic acid is the main assistant to the common cold. Potassium helps normalize the functioning of the heart muscle. Calcium is essential for hair and nails, helps regulate the unequal system. Its use helps to fight stress and depression. Phosphorus promotes normal brain operation. Pamela fruit: the benefits and harms are familiar in every country where it grows. Vitamins, and hence the use of the product, since February, reaches its maximum. Other substances included in the composition of this fruit is indispensable not only by the fact that it contains a large amount of vitamins. It is composed of a substance called limonoids. They help stop the process of dividing cancer cells. Therefore, this product can help in the fight against cancer. If you eat this fruit in the summer, antioxidants contained in it will help preserve the youthfulness of the skin and protect it from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

A large amount of fiber, contained in the pulp, a beneficial effect on the intestines and stomach. A "plenochki" that we often do not use for food, can be a wonderful tool for bowel cleansing. Their effect is similar to the effects of bran. It is useful product for those who suffer low acidity of the stomach. Due to the natural acid content, it helps to speed up the production of enzymes. In tropical countries, it is used together with meat or fish to speed up digestion. Pamela fruit - benefits and harms can not be compared. Damage caused by the use of the fruit for food, compared to the conditional use and the amount of ingested product. Another useful feature is a low calorie fruit. Due to its composition, this product will perfectly complement any diet. 100 grams of its pulp contains only 39 kcal. The content of lipolytic enzymes to help reduce the weight more efficiently. Useful not only fruit pulp, but other parts thereof. Peel, thanks to the high content of essential oils, helps to tone and strengthen the skin. A decoction of the leaves of the tree will help prevent stomach ulcers. The use of the product helps in the treatment of atherosclerosis, hypertension, asthma, contributes to the saturation of folic acid needed during gestation pregnancy. Regular use improves efficiency and increases vitality. Pamela fruit harm: benefit and harm - any qualities more? All of these positive characteristics are peculiar only fully ripe fruit. In order to avoid useless consumption of the product, you need to know the rules of selection. Pomelo should be slightly soft, shiny peel. The smell of the fruit should be enjoyable. If there is a choice, it is better to take a heavy medium-sized fruit. They will be more flesh. The negative impact on the health of this fruit can do only in case of an allergy to citrus fruits. Also, do not get involved in such exotic for people suffering from diseases of the stomach and duodenal ulcers, colitis, hepatitis and nephritis in acute stage. When used in a large number of possible laxative effect. In people with high acidity of the stomach excessive consumption of fruit can cause heartburn. It argued that exotic fruits, imported from distant countries, can be harmful. It is said that prior to use, wash the product and should not be afraid of eating it. It is advisable to make purchases from a trusted shop where products are subject to control. Pamela benefit and harm - a moot point. Everything is good in moderation. When used in moderation maximum benefit is reached and to minimize harm.