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The benefits and harms of Pollock

Pollock is representative of the cod family and is considered one of the most commercial fish species. The average lifespan of this fish is about fifteen years. The main diet of Pollock – planktonic crustaceans, however, he will not refuse small fish, fish eggs and squid. Due to such a wide range of nutrition Pollock meat has a peculiar taste. The white meat of Alaska Pollock is recognized as a versatile product, because it can be cooked in different ways and combined with many other foods, while getting more and more new dishes.

Properties of Alaska Pollock

Despite the fact that Pollock has a lot of nutrients, fish is not very expensive and available to almost everyone. More expensive varieties of fish and those that bring less benefit compared to Pollock. In the meat of Alaska Pollack contains enough useful vitamins and essential minerals. There are vitamins PP, iodine, potassium, sulfur, vitamin a, fluoride, phosphorus and cobalt. And protein content, this fish confidently holds the leading position. In addition, the Pollack are present in large quantities of essential omega-3 and omega-6. Pollock is recognized as one of the low-calorie varieties of fish, which allows you to enable his meat in different diets. Calorie one hundred grams of Pollock equal to 70, and the fat content of only 0.8 percent. Pollock ROE is also low in calories, there are about 119 calories per hundred grams of product.

Use Pollock

Pollock excels in the fight against obesity and contributes to several causes. First, it is low-calorie product, therefore, eating it can not be afraid to gain weight. Secondly, thanks to the useful connections that exist in fish, improved digestion, and feels the vigor of the body, which directly has a positive effect on weight loss. Very useful Pollack for young children, after all, protein and iodine a very necessary little growing body. Doctors recommend definitely pregnant and lactating women to make your usual diet a small amount of Pollock. It is proven that if you regularly eat those fish, it normalizes blood sugar levels. Useful Pollack and prevention of thyroid disease. Also the meat of the Pollock is able to increase brain activity. Potassium, found in fish, supports the functioning of the heart muscle, vitamin a is essential for vision, in addition, it stimulates the growth of hair and nails.

The use of Pollock

Meat of this fish can be cooked a variety of dishes. Children are encouraged to boil or prepare fish on pair. Very useful it roast. However, Pollock is used not only in cooking. Wide application Pollack received in medicine and, strange as it seemed – in cosmetology. Doctors often prescribe to their patients a special diet, which certainly included this fish. Pollock is simply irreplaceable in case of problems with skin, hair, nails and teeth. An extract obtained from the eggs of Alaska Pollock, is added to many cosmetic products that support healthy and youthful looking skin. In some cosmetics, added even liver Pollock.

Harm Pollock

Do not forget that, despite all the advantages, excessive consumption of this fish can render harm to the human body. First, Pollack can cause allergies. Therefore, it is prohibited to eat people with individual intolerance to seafood and kids up to eight months. Secondly, due to the large amount of salt contained in the caviar of Pollack, may suffer ulcer and high blood pressure. Do not abuse liver Pollock, otherwise you risk an upset stomach. In General, the Pollock can be harmful only if it is the fish or it is used in too large quantities. If the Pollock consumed in accordance with the norm, no health problems will not be eaten and fish will bring only one benefit.