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The benefits and harms of Butterfish

The term "butterfish" is commonly understood several of its species which belong to three families and four genera. She also has several names. This white tuna, and gray delicacy mackerel, and Escolar, and fish oil. However, in Russia it is accepted to call by the same name: butterfish. This fish lives in the oceans, but it is not found in the waters of the Indian ocean.

Properties of oily fish

By itself, fish oil is quite rare. In this regard, in the industrial activities of its fishing is not conducted. Basically it can be found in the form of bycatch. This fish inhabits in different regions, and depending on where it lives, its fat content can be quite different. So, the oiliness of this fish may vary from 0.5 to 13 percent.

To say that this fish is quite nutritious, not in it 100 grams of has 113 calories, and it's not too much nor too little among the rest of the fish. Absorbed by the stomach it pretty well.

Use oily fish

In this fish contains a large amount of protein is a number may reach 20%. In addition to this valuable item it contains vitamins and minerals. The number of minerals exceeds a dozen. It is very important that a part of these elements is present in the required amount for the human body.

Oily fish, like any other, is very useful for the person as a whole. As mentioned earlier, the amount of protein in it is sufficient, and in order to get the daily requirement of this element, the person needs to eat per day just 150 grams of this fish. And if to cook it properly, this fish can take the whole of excess and unnecessary fat leaving all the most useful for our body.

Any fish, and this including necessary for those who want to maintain an ideal weight, to be always energetic and to not overdo it. It is also important that this fish lives only in clean water, which means that it is an environmentally friendly product.

The use of oily fish

To use the fish in cooking can be exactly the same as any other: smoked, boiled, fried, stew. However, to experiment with her every day will not work, because, after all, this fish is distributed in small quantities, and it is rare in stores. Most often she can be seen in various restaurants, including fish. There she often cook different exotic dishes.

But in the shops you can see the fillet of this fish, which is mainly used for drying or Smoking. The thing is that the meat of this fish is an excellent choice for such processing.

The meat of this fish is pretty high quality: it is white and dense, has a good taste. But no wonder this fish has such a name: the fat in it is rife. That's why when she starts to undress, first for some time suspended, from which the whole excess fat of it simply flows.

The rest of this fish is used almost in the same way as the rest of edible fish. Although this fish is not very low calorie, this product is great for the diet, which is especially important to people who are overweight and people who follow the diet combined.

Harm oil fish

Despite the fact that this fish is quite a lot of nutrients, there are some contraindications.

For example, it is especially important to eat fish in small amounts because of its fat is different from fat, which is present in the rest of the fish. There is a substance which is not absorbed by the human body. If it builds up their increased quantity, you can get severe diarrhea. Despite this, the fish is smoked, or dried such a negative impact has not.

In General, this fish is recommended to eat at better restaurants, for example, in a fish restaurant, where you can not only taste this wonderful fish but to avoid such a negative effect that was listed just above. But if restaurant do not want to go, and have a desire to cook the fish yourself, it is recommended to use a fillet of this fish is grilled.