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The benefits and harms of Grenadier

Grenadier – modern monster of the past. The appearance of this marine fish can scare anyone. Few people know that the delicious delicacy lying on the shelves of the store, looks like a medieval dinosaur, thanks to which the fish has gained many people's names. Because of the peculiarities of their structure, the stores, the Grenadier is already in a purified form.

This fish is found mostly in the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, but is also found in the sea of Okhotsk, around Kamchatka and near the Kuril Islands. They live in cold waters at depths up to two kilometers.

The properties of the Grenadier

Fish has a very interesting structure. She does not have the usual fish tail, the body tapering towards the tip and ends with a long, thin thread. Body colour can vary from light brown to coal-black. The adult size can reach one meter. Fish has very sharp and rough scales, which are easy to get hurt. Therefore, in the sale quite difficult to find untreated carcass. Eyes large, slightly bulging. The body is round and flattened.

The meat of the Grenadier sweet flavor reminiscent of shrimp, but without a specific fishy odor, white or pinkish colour, not fibrous. Bones in fish are few, they are easily separated from the meat. The Grenadier resembles caviar in appearance and taste play a salmon.

Macruronus contains a large amount of vitamins C, b and A, as well as useful chemical elements: iron, manganese, phosphorus, Fluor, calcium, potassium, Nickel, iodine and others. The fish is a wide variety of organic and amino acids, including irreplaceable.

Use Grenadier

Caviar Grenadier and his liver are delicacies. Fish is easily digested and absorbed in the body, so it can be eaten for a short time before the training.

Due to calcium content, Grenadier, stimulates the functions of certain hormones, it promotes the release of insulin, calcium ions balance the acid-alkaline balance in the body.

Manganese entering the body of fish, normalizes metabolic processes in the body, improves cell regeneration, improves growth and development.

This fish is low-calorie product, which is widely used in the diet, adding in protein and useful minerals. Fish is recommended to include in your diet after surgery and in violation of the musculoskeletal device.

Fish rich in essential amino acids which are necessary for normal functioning of the body. Protein Grenadier is easily absorbed in the body, as rich in tryptophan, methionine and lysine.

Large amounts of calcium and phosphorus improves the condition of skin, bones, nails and hair, supports the body's normal. The Grenadier is very useful for children and the elderly, as well as when recovering from injuries.

Application Grenadier

Grenadier, used in cooking for boiling, stewing, it is possible to marinate, to pickle, to dry, to jerk. Of the Grenadier makes a great ear, mashed potatoes and ceviche. Fish meat allows you to do all the possible kitchen of fraud, in addition to roasting. This type of heat treatment is not easy due to the tenderness of the meat. It begins to spread in the pan, burn and deteriorate.

Fish helps to recover from fractures and other injuries to the bones, muscles and ligaments. Due to the low calorie, Grenadier is added to the diet.

Harm Grenadier

May cause an allergic reaction in pregnant and nursing mothers, and young children. It is not advised to eat the fish people with Allergy to seafood.