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The benefits and harms of Bluefish

People opened the meat of the bluefish for a lot of centuries ago. Bluefish is a fish of large size, it is simple to prepare and can feed a large number of people. Gregarious animal allowed to catch from a large number of individuals, especially networks.

Catching this fish is quite exciting, because this animal can give serious resistance to the fisherman, the fish can bite hands, fingers or even grab the leg of the fisherman, trying to break free and return to the water. Careless fishermen got ragged wounds, such as those who get bitten by dogs or wolves.

Best catching, lupari in troubled waters early morning or late evening. The best catch comes in the summer and autumn, immediately after the storm. The hunt for fish begins in late July and continues until the end of November. The average size of caught specimens does not exceed 50 cm Bluefish also known as sea bass.

Properties of the bluefish

Bluefish is found in flocks in the oceans and some seas at depths up to 60 meters in subtropical waters. It is a predatory fish, the distinctive feature of which is forward of the lower jaw with very sharp teeth. The body of the fish is elongated, slightly flattened on the sides. In length bluefish can reach a meter and weights more than 15 kg Sea bass are long – lived, it can live up to 15 years or more. The back of the fish gives a greenish colour, the sides and belly silvery-white. Color adult one-color or spotted.

Puberty fish of this species later, they start to multiply to 8-10 year life. Rare individuals lead the offspring to a 5-6 year life. Interesting the fish that produces not eggs, but living babies. One litter can reach up to two million individuals, exceeding the number of other viviparous fishes. Fry the bluefish are very small – no more plankton in size, they are transferred to the water current, because they live, grow and develop in the upper waters of the oceans. This allows the fish to move long distances, but at the same time, makes it available to predators.

Bluefish meat is white, dense, responds well to heat treatment. It is rich in protein, contains many micro and macro. Because it is easy to clean and its taste is almost impossible to mess up, many Housewives prefer to cook this fish.

Sea bass has a lot of subspecies. Many of them are listed as endangered, their population is artificially increased. However, because of the delicious meat, the bluefish are still caught in large numbers. The restoration of the population of this fish is complicated by the fact that when fishing devices are used, damaging coral reefs, which feed on adults of sea bass. Recovery of reefs requires a lot of time.

In addition to the commercial catch, the perch population was declining because of poaching.

Use the bluefish

Large amounts of calcium and phosphorus has beneficial effects on bones, hair and nails, strengthens them, makes it less brittle and fragile.

Potassium strengthens the walls of blood vessels, improves and normalizes the heart muscle. Fish helps in diseases of the heart, the circulatory system, as well as those who suffer from anemia. Bluefish helps the formation of red blood cells.

Bluefish are rich in phosphoric acid, which plays an important role in the human body, being part of all enzymes. It is the enzymes responsible for the normal functioning of cells and chemical processes in the body.

The use of the bluefish

Bluefish is used in cooking for their meat. It is delicious, almost no bones and scales removed easily and completely, without causing difficulties. From the bluefish preparing many culinary dishes, including ceviche.

Bluefish is used in the diets, after surgery, for weight loss, it is allowed to eat cooked in mild forms of gastritis and ulcers.

Harm the bluefish

It is not recommended to eat in an allergic reaction to fish, hypersensitive Pisces.

When carving you need to be very careful because the fins are the needles, which contain a poisonous substance. Once in the skin it can cause partial paralysis of the limbs.

It is forbidden to eat fish to eat with idiosyncrasies.

If not properly stored, bluefish can cause poisoning.