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The benefits and harms of Lobster

Lobster — sea decapod crustaceans. Its second name was Omar.

These arthropods differ from the ordinary crayfish large limbs (claws). The differences in size between the lobster are due to sexual dimorphism — males-lobster several times more than females. Lobsters live a long time: the males is approximately 31 years, female approximately 54 years old. The priority is that young lobsters, which age does not exceed 5 years. They weigh at this age is about 1 kg, but have very tasty and tender, especially in comparison with older individuals.

In Russia this animal is called "Omar" (the French word), but in Europe used the English word "lobster".

Properties of lobster

And although the number of lobsters, there are several dozen, due to the constant of extraction and the impossibility of artificial cultivation, their population is constantly shrinking. However, once they were used as bait for fish and fertilizer for the fields.

Today, lobster is a delicacy in the culinary field. Prized meat that is located under the shell, legs, tail, eggs, and liver. The claws also have a meat, is also eaten, but in comparison with meat other parts of the body, it is a little tougher. Of meat prepared in various delicious meals, from green liver soups and sauces. Caviar is used as any other.

Depending on the species of lobster size and taste may vary. The color of the lobster can also range from blue-green to gray-green, but when cooked all the lobsters invariably blush.

The most valuable type is considered to be Norwegian (Atlantic) lobster. And although in size it is not particularly large, taste it is superior to other types. And the largest species is the European lobster, which can grow up to a meter in length and weigh up to 10 pounds. Lobsters from the Indian ocean have an interesting and unusual taste, so they are very much appreciated among gourmets.

Use the lobster

Lobster — a very useful marine animal. It contains a large number of different nutrients including vitamin a, B1, And B4 (which, by the way most 80 mg!) B5, B6, B9, B12, E, K, PP; micro and macro.

The caloric value of lobster can not but rejoice — only 77 kcal per 100 g.

The combination of useful elements in the lobster helps to protect the body from malignant tumors, strengthen the immune system. It was revealed that it improves the blood, stimulates the growth and activity of cells of the body. If you use it regularly, it can strengthen blood vessels, reduce the pressure and restore the nervous system.

With regular use of lobster, you can not only get rid of various ailments, but also to restore sexual function of the male sex. Also the meat of this shellfish is considered to be one of the strongest aphrodisiacs.

The use of lobster

You can find it in fresh, frozen or canned. Best place to buy lobster when they are caught in the spring and started the fall. It is worth noting that the meat of males is more tender and tastier meat than females.

Most often, the lobster is prepared the traditional way — by boiling whole in salted water. Enough to 7 minutes for cooking lobster this way. After this lobster cut up.

Lobster can be cooked soufflés, salads, soups, aspic, mousses and croquettes. There are various complicated ways of cooking lobster. Different countries cook differently. For example, in Italy it is used for cooking pasta with seafood or fish soup in Asian countries it is stewed in Japan — add to sushi in Thailand — stir fry on the grill.

Especially carefully it is necessary to approach to the storing of lobster. It is a perishable product, so the shelf life is not more than 2 days. If the lobster is out of its shell, its meat dries very quickly and loses its flavor and aroma.

Damage lobster

Large amounts of lobster can cause harm to the body because it has a high amount of cholesterol is about 100 mg per 100 g. Therefore, when excessive consumption of lobster can contribute to the development of cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, when you buy should pay attention to the shell. If it has dark spots, it means that crustaceans are not the first freshness and in order to avoid poisoning from buying it should be abandoned.