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The benefits and harms of Lemonema

Lemonema is one of the types of marine fish, included in the squad trnkobrani. Lemonema lives in the Pacific ocean and the sea of Okhotsk. Adult length is around seventy centimetres and a weight of about two and a half pounds. Body shape elongated, a little narrowed towards the rear end and compressed at the sides. Scales small. Its color is brown.

Properties lemonemy

Lemonema has many useful properties, so it is recommended to eat the elderly, adolescents, children, and especially pregnant women.

Value useful properties of this fish is hard to exceed for those people who suffer thyroid disease. A hundred and fifty grams lemonemy contains a daily dose human body of iodine. She, like many other species of marine fish has polyunsaturated fatty acids which have strong antioxidant action.

Composed of limonene is belonging to the group B. it includes B1, B2, B9, B6, E, PP and others. Trace elements and macro elements: Na, Ka, S, Ca, Cl, Zn, Fe, Ag, F.

Use lemonemy

Fish lemonema useful because it includes many protein, so the nutritional value of this fish, its characteristics, almost equal to the nutritional value of meat. But most importantly, the process of assimilation of protein lemonemy is much easier than the process of assimilation of the protein of meat.

If lemonema to include in his regular diet, the body will boost your immune system to a level that will resist the development of joint pain and malignant tumors. Also eating fish has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Lemonema commonly prescribed to people suffering from diabetes to provide them with health food. There is practically no carbs, so eating it does not increase glucose level in the blood. Due to the minimum number of calories in limonene, it is often recommended diet people suffering from obesity. But protein, vitamins and minerals are perfectly satisfy hunger, and people who care very much about the status of your weight do not worry that they will have excess fat.

Application lemonemy

Lemonema used primarily in cooking. It can be baked, fried for all sorts of recipes, stewed, pickled and sushi. But it requires a special freezing and thawing. You want to wait until melt all ice, and the fish will dry up, and in case of urgent cooking the fish must be defrosted and dry promaqua paper towel. Only in this case it will not disintegrate in the cooking process. There are recipes that allow lemonema a decent score.

Due to the high content of polyunsaturated acids, in which the seafood are renowned for their beneficial properties, nutritional properties lemonemy compared to the meat of relatively high fat content. But the main difference is that it is much easier absorbed by the body.

Despite its useful and taste, lemonema, has not proved particularly popular among the lovers of fish. Even its price is relatively high. This is because not all possess the secret of its preparation. If properly prepared lemonema, she usually becomes a fixture at the table everyday and on holidays.

Dishes lemonemy recommended for children because it contains virtually no bones which can be dangerous.

Harm lemonemy

There are no cases neither hypersensitive nor allergic reactions to this product.