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The benefits and harms of Yellowtail

The amberjack — fish of the family Lavrinovich. Has several names: yellowtail and yellowtail amberjack. Yellowtail fish is called because the corresponding color of the fins. Is considered to be the heat-loving schooling fish. Can grow to 1 meter in length and weigh up to 10 pounds. It lives mainly in East Asia (Korea, Japan), and in the period from July to October it can be found off the coast of Sakhalin and Primorye.

Has an elongated body, grey-blue back, off-white flanks and belly. It is a predatory fish that can eat such fish as the anchovy, sardine, mackerel. Young individuals feed on small fish and plankton.

Properties of lakedra

It is a freshwater fish that is quite valuable. In Japan it is used for sushi, canned food, sashimi, specifically grown for aquaculture.

The qualitative processing of fish meat fat, but at the same time very gentle, even the Japanese consider it a delicacy product and a symbol that brings good luck.

In Russia this fish to purchase is difficult because the amberjack fish is considered the highest grade. So when you buy should take care not to run into a fake.

Some believe that it has a strong smell ,similar to jacks. To get rid of this will help flavorful sauces.

Use lakedra

Fish contains vitamins a, C, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, K; micro— and macroelements, as well as saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. This makes it useful in such problems as metabolic disorders, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, high blood pressure. It is recommended to use for prevention of atherosclerosis.

The use of lakedra

In principle, this fish can be cooked in much the same way as any other fish. It is worth remembering that for maximum preservation of its vitamins and other nutrients, we recommend steaming or roasting.

Bake this fish is better so:

salt and pepper it both sides;
brush with olive oil a baking sheet and spread it on the fish;
sprinkle it with chopped Basil;
pour the cream (instead you can use sour cream);
sprinkle with grated cheese;
bake at 220 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
An alternative method of baking is the use of batter, which is made from sesame seeds and cheese.

You can cook great soup, or boiled fish fillet to add to various salads. Like other fish, it can just fry and eat with garnish to taste.

From this it can be cooked a Japanese dish called Hamachi nigiri, which is somewhat reminiscent of sushi. In order for Hamachi is to fillet this fish and sticky rice used for sushi. In this case, just a fish fillet is cut into small pieces and put on rice with wasabi. Then the rice is compressed to shape. The dish can be eaten with soy sauce or pickled ginger. The fish itself, from which a dish should not be too large. Best of all, if her weight will fluctuate in the range of one kilogram.

The dangers of lakedra

Caloric content of fish is not the small — 240 calories, so diet product you may call it. In addition, it refers to the oily varieties, which in large quantities is not the best impact on your health and figure. During the diet, recommended this fish to refrain.

Use only fresh yellowtail. Failure to comply with the conditions of storage of the fish can lead to infection with parasites. The same applies to incorrect processing (for example, if it is not to late to fry).

Possible allergic reaction to yellowtail, and in this case, special care should try a category of people who are prone to allergic manifestations, including after eating other fish or seafood. So the first time the yellowtail is best consumed in small quantities.