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The benefits and harms of Chub

Chub is a fish of the carp family. In size it can reach 80 cm in length and weigh up to 8 kg. Dwells most often in Europe and in Asia Minor.

This fish eats a variety of food, and therefore received the status of omnivores. She can eat worms, insects, crayfish, frogs, etc., and in addition, the Chub eats and what falls into the water with sushi and can even eat the cherry or bird cherry. If the fish is large, first and foremost, it is positioned as a predator and will eat small fish and can even eat a mouse.

Properties of Chub

There is an opinion that this fish is at least edible, but at least tasteless. And the result of this view is the fact that the fish are omnivorous, which can not affect the taste. Also, it is the smell of Tina, which may alienate. Everything else in the meat found a large number of small bones. In this regard, the fish requires careful preparation. If it is to prepare all the rules, then its taste it can surpass even other popular fish bream or IDE.

Use of Chub

In her present high nutritional value, meat is not only very nutritious and can compete with the best cuts of meat, but also well absorbed by the body. The features of the Chub is often added to the diet as well as to the diet of children and aged people.

The Chub is present calcium, iron, lithium, boron, potassium, copper, manganese, bromine and other useful micro— and macronutrients. The fat contains vitamins a and D, which are involved in cell regeneration and polyunsaturated fatty acids. They, in turn, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Calories in Chub is very small: only 90 kcal per 100 grams. Because of this fish can be consumed losing weight or simply watching their weight people.

The use of Chub

In the shops usually the fish comes frozen and fresh you can buy in the markets. It should be aware that markets can meet the defective product, because Chub has a nasty ability to rapidly deteriorate in the open air and even in water.

The people that fish love to cook: wrap in foil, bake and serve with vegetables. An alternative is to bake with white sauce or braising in sour cream. Very tasty grilled fish on the grill. Of Chub brewed and ear. Add it to salads, sometimes her substitute poultry or beef. Some Chub even salted.

Since fish is not a very pleasant smell, as already mentioned above, it is recommended to remove with pickling. To do this, the fish cleaned and marinate in the lemon juice. Preferably the addition aromates and garlic. If you want to pickle fish, you will initially need to carry out heat treatment.

Fish goes well with boiled potatoes, vegetables (cucumbers, peppers), kvass, as well as all other fish.

Harm Chub

Due to the fact that in the not frozen fish spoils quickly, it may be poisonous, so when you buy should exercise the utmost caution.

The fish can't eat if you are hypersensitive or allergic reaction to the seafood.

Because it is meat, there are many small bones, you need to use it in small pieces to choke on or scratch the throat and due to this particular meals of Chub it is not recommended to give small children.

It should be noted that casaliva this fish, it is necessary to observe the frequency in use. If you have salted Chub often, impaired absorption of vitamin B1, which is fraught with the development of hypovitaminosis. This is because the Chub needs to undergo heat treatment before use, and when brining, it is not.