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The benefits and harms of vobla

Roach is a fish of the carp family, found in the Caspian sea is an important commercial object in the lower Volga. Perhaps the most popular brand, is dried or dried vobla with beer as traditional snacks.

Properties of roach

Roach is a resident of the Caspian sea and often confused with roach. The roach is distinguished by its size up to 30 centimeters, the presence of silver iris in the frame of the eyes, dark spots on the eyeball of the fish. In the early development of fisheries dried fish was not caught, if it enters the network, it was released back into the sea. At the end of the last century was opened to fishing for the roach. In the food industry dried fish valued for excellent taste and high nutritional characteristics. In the summer and in the autumn, roach lives in the sea. In early spring, when the spawning period, this fish enters the river. In the winter the fish settles in the pits that are located at the headwaters of the Volga.

The use of roach

Roach is considered one of the most popular and favorite varieties of fish in Russia. Great taste the dried fish is also valued for its useful properties. Fish has a huge content of protein, very diverse collection of useful substances to the body. The roach has a unique composition of saturated fatty acids, various vitamins and microelements. There are necessary for human life, sodium, calcium, phosphorus and many other nutrients. See roach, the unique trace elements such as molybdenum, Nickel. Also contains a significant percentage of polysaturated fatty acids, therefore, it is indispensable in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Dried fish everywhere are cooked and eaten as a separate dish, and as a traditional snack with various popular beverages. Roach is the perfect product for people watching their weight, it can be eaten without restriction as calorie roach is very low. 100 grams of fish accounts for only 95 calories. Industrial enterprises for the harvesting and processing of roach use for its preparation the method of salting and Smoking, which allows you to save all nutrients in full.


The use of roach

Due to its qualities, roach is widely used in medicine. Fish is especially useful in the treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Unsaturated fatty acids included in the composition of roach beneficial effect on the activity of the heart muscle. It is recommended to use fish in boiled and baked form, which allows to preserve all the valuable nutrients contained in the beans. Daily consumption of 3.3 grams per day reduces risk of premature mortality by 23 percent. Fresh fish in this case, preferably canned several times, since preservation lost a significant part of valuable fatty acids. Scientists observed a beneficial effect on the female body for consumption of fresh roach due to the rapid accumulation of unsaturated fatty acids. Also a very large application of finds eggs of roach in cosmetology. Thanks to the valuable composition of caviar, extract of it is included in ointments, creams, gels, and other means for skin care of face and body and hair care products. Cosmetics based on caviar roach has a powerful rejuvenating effect, the skin has a healthy matte finish. Hair to become thicker, stronger, more flexible. The application of this cosmetics works wonders.

Harm roach

The roach is practically no contraindications. The only obstacle can serve as an idiosyncrasy.