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The benefits and harms of white Amur

White Amur — fish of the carp family. This fish grows very quickly and can reach 1, 2 m in length and 32 kg in weight. It's not a predator, it feeds on plants growing in the underwater world. To catch a Cupid on cucumber, algae and corn cobs, whereby he was nicknamed "grass carp". Externally, the Amur carp is reminiscent of, but different body structure and color scales.

The maximum spread in Russia, Ukraine, USA and Kazakhstan, as well as in Europe.

Properties of grass carp

This fish is very much appreciated. It has a distinctive taste and is used in cooking not only meat but also the liver, which also has the fat content and density. Also Cupid is very nutritious and has a high nutritional value.

More than just cooking I love to use more than adults because they are easier to cut and get rid of the bones. Also, this fish lends itself well to heat treatment and preserves the most useful properties.

The use of grass carp

Carp is revered for what he has needed for human health nutrients. It contains many vitamins: is a group A, E, b and C. it Also contains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium and omega-6 fatty acids. All this is particularly appreciated by people.

But beyond that, the white Amur, also contains antioxidants that positively influence the cardiovascular system and prevents the development of various pathologies of the brain.

If you eat this fish on a regular level, you can strengthen and normalize the two systems: digestive and nervous. Also the chemical composition of fish will help stabilize the blood sugar levels and revitalize the cells for entry of oxygen to them. Carp positively affects the skin condition.

The use of white Amur

The fish for cooking is almost universal. It can do everything your heart desires: fry, bake, boil, simmer. This fish is very common in the shops, as now established its breeding in artificial conditions. So fresh to buy it is easy. And this, in turn, increases the number of dishes that can be prepared.

Best for culinary purposes to take the big fish, so you don't have to spend a lot of time and effort to retrieve the bones. To cook the fish can be in any form, as divided into pieces and the whole. Remarkably, parts of one and the same fish can be used for different techniques of cooking. For example, fatty cuts are best roasted and dry (the ones that are closer to the tail) — to extinguish with the addition of spices and seasonings.

Before baking the fish needs to be gutted so that the skin on the back was still intact, then add the remaining ingredients and bake about 30-50 minutes (the bigger the fish, the longer you bake it). Relevant and baking in foil.

It is believed that this fish can become a component of the diet because it is low in calories — about 125 calories per 100 grams, as well as a very small percentage of fat. However, in this case it is better to cook in a double boiler and avoid roasting and other "fat" methods of cooking. Also this fish is well absorbed by the stomach.

Harm grass carp

To eat the fish, like all others is prohibited unless there is an allergic reaction to this product. Since grass carp often made complicated dishes, it can cause aggravation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or liver. In this regard, elaborate dishes are not recommended for dieters, as it can only reduce the effect.