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The benefits and harms of the mullet

The mullet is a genus of fish of the family borbulevich. Second, in the ordinary barbatus. It belongs to the order Perciformes with 4 species. The length of this fish can reach up to 45 cm, but on average it is small in size (10-20 cm). Often it can be found In the Pacific and Indian oceans, as well as in the Azov, Mediterranean and Black sea. Mullet prefer to live where there is muddy or soft ground of sand, less often on the bottom, covered with stones. Almost always located on the bottom of the sea or ocean, but not at great depths (to 30 m), although it can also be found at depths up to 300 M.

Properties of red mullet

The body of red mullet is elongated, compressed and unequally painted red on the sides. The head is large, and there are two chin barbels that serve as her assistants in search of food.

The fish is revered for tender meat, and the mullet is considered a delicacy. In ancient times it was sold for huge money, but many people did not spare them and gave accumulated in order to feast on mullet. While it is not just if, and conducted a

ritual that is associated with its color. Before death the fish starts to cover the bright red spots, and then fades. It is believed that consumption of this fish helps accelerate the recuperation.

Use red mullet

It contains a lot of easily digestible, but at the same time, high-calorie protein. Even in the meat of the red mullet has a lot of phosphorus (like meat almost all the fish), magnesium, and vitamin B. When used in a mullet pregnant women and people under the age normalized their metabolism.

Overall, this fish is useful in almost the same way as other fish eaten. It has a positive effect on the heart and blood system, cleanses the blood of "bad" cholesterol, normalizes hemoglobin. The antioxidants in fish strengthen the circulatory system, maintaining its elasticity, restores the vessels. Frequent consumption of fish is helpful for health, protection from diseases, infections and immune reconstitution. Positively affects the skin condition, struggling with various diseases on the background of lack of nutrients. Fish has iodine, essential for maintaining healthy thyroid gland. The mullet almost no carbohydrates.

Useful the mullet and the children, as it improves the still immature immune system and prevents diseases of the skin.

The application of red mullet

The mullet are prepared in different ways: often cook soup from it, and in dried form it taste associated with roach. Also it can be fried in the pan, mixing with spices (optional), grilled, baked. Unlike many other fish, the red mullet is not necessary to Eviscerate, since she has no bile, and the taste is hard to mess up even the inept treatment. Many people love it is the liver of mullet for its tender, delicious taste.

In many countries, the mullet is one of the most expensive varieties, and the most popular dishes in the Russian and Ukrainian resorts and cafes are the specialties of red mullet. Often there is the fish gutted but not cut off his head.

Cooks prefer to stew the fish in white wine, with grape leaves and spices and fry it in melted butter in bread crumbs right along with the head. Sold by barbatus in stores, in the form of canned in oil.

The harm of red mullet

This fish exists idiosyncrasy. Not recommended to use the mullet to people who have an overabundance of iodine in the body, as in the mullet it too much. To everyone else this fish will only be infinitely useful.