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The benefits and harms of Rudd

Rudd inhabits nearly all local waters. It is easy to see: the fish is covered with small scales yellow with a Golden hue. It shines in the sun, eyes redfin orange that sets it apart from roach. Her fins are bright orange in color and resemble feathers of exotic birds.

Not rarely catch the hybrids of Rudd and roach, they have attributes of two types.

Favorite habitats redfin are waters with abundant vegetation. Fish floating back and forth between the algae and fed. The Rudd is rarely seen in the open areas of the ponds. She loves standing water, where it feeds on all sorts of worms and algae. Settling in the lake, these fish can almost push the other inhabitants.

The Rudd is found almost all over the world: Spain, New Zealand and Canada. But this fish will not find in Siberia.

Best Rudd caught in warm weather in the upper strata of water. This distinguishes it from the roach, which in the hot weather goes under driftwood, in the shadow of coastal grass.

Properties redfin

Meat fish lean, only 3% fat. 100 grams of fillet of this fish contains 19 grams of pure BEC, which unlike animal protein (beef, pork, poultry) is absorbed almost completely.

In the composition of redfin discovered phosphorus, and chromium. Phosphorus, found in fish, promotes the absorption of calcium. And fluoride strengthens tooth enamel. Thanks to the fluoride grow teeth, nails, mend damaged bones. In addition to these minerals in the Rudd contains chrome. And without it is impossible the normal development of the organism, its growth. Chrome displays the "wrong" cholesterol.

Of the vitamins in the Rudd is PP, the so-called nicotinic acid. It is impossible without production of energy based on fat and protein.

Use redfin

The phosphorus contained in fish, it is used to build substances involved in chemical reactions at the cellular level. Without phosphorus is impossible thought processes and even motion, because the muscles without phosphorus will cease to be functional. Phosphorus is involved in the metabolism and maintains acid-alkaline balance.

Vitamin PP protects from heart disease, blood vessels, thrombosis and high blood pressure.

The fluorine contained in the Rudd, not only strengthens bones and teeth, but also helps absorption of iron. Iron deficiency anemia occurs not only in the lack of iron, but with a small content in the body of fluoride.

Pregnant women is useful to eat shrimp because they have a vitamin B12 folic acid. It is necessary for the normal development of the child. All expectant mothers appoint the additional intake of this vitamin, but it is much better to get it from natural foods.

Use redfin

Rudd for those who want to lose weight. Due to the low fat content, it is often without the fear to grow stout.

The ability of the protein almost completely assimilated makes this fish suitable for the nutrition of elderly, children and people on diet because of acute and chronic diseases.

You can not call Rudd a very tasty fish, with many bones and the fish caught in the summer, has an unpleasant bitter taste. However, if you add fish spices, you can get a decent lunch. The optimal dish of fish – burgers. Soup of this fish is obtained nerawareta, as the Rudd very little fat.

To get rid of bitterness can pre-soak the Rudd in the salt solution. After that, the fish can be fried. Rudd is an excellent choice for pickling. Love her to use together with a frothy beverage.

Good "sounds" Rudd together with vegetables. Vegetable stew with the addition of redfin may be a uppercase dish at a dinner party.

Harm redfin

The Rudd can not be used for those who have a predisposition to allergies or suffers from it.

Because of the complexity in the preparation of the Rudd is not a lot of people love to eat. Commercial value of fish has not.