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The benefits and harms of Smelt

The smelt inhabits the cold seas: the White, Baltic, Arctic, and German. It is very popular among fishermen. A fish swims in large flocks, catching her is fun and easy. Those who are not fond of fishing, buy smelt fresh, smoked or salted. The fish is delicious and nutritious.

Smelt like in St. Petersburg so that when it comes time to catch it in the Gulf of Finland, in the city arrange a real holiday. In the spring, often in may, St. Petersburg glorify smelt and, of course, does eat the little fish. Housewives like smelt due to its unobtrusive odor similar to the scent of fresh cucumber.

National love smelt earned not only for taste but also for its beneficial properties.

Properties smelt

Both species of smelt, European and Asian ones, contain many substances necessary for proper functioning of the body.

In the composition of the smelt there is a protein that is a building material for cells. Fish rich in fat; their purpose is to provide energy. Meat smelt is a source of potassium, phosphorus, fluorine, Nickel, calcium, chromium and molybdenum. Sodium is it a huge amount.

Set of vitamins, this fish seems small, but their maintenance is high. A, b, D – all of them vital.

Use smelt

Sodium is contained in all fluids, tissues and organs of the body. He is responsible for the regulation of water and acid - alkaline balance of fluids. Lack of sodium is evidenced by muscle cramps. Without it is difficult the transmission of impulses along the nerve fibers. Sodium affects the cardiovascular system, regulates blood volume. Without insufficient quantity of sodium hindered the delivery of cells to glucose.

So necessary to every living creature contains sodium in a small smelt.

The whole set of macro - and microelements contained in the smelt, absorbs.

The use of smelt

Smelt like to eat the lovers of simple but delicious fish. It is easy to clean, especially a nice roast. It is the most easily. One has only to clean the fish, remove the innards, and roast, pre-zapanirovat in flour with salt and black pepper.

Smelt use in the preventive purposes: to prevent osteoporosis. In addition to beneficial actions on bone, it strengthens the joints. Interestingly, for maximum effect eat smelt together with the bones. In well-done or protogenoi fish with very small bones, they are almost not felt, only slightly crunched. It is especially useful to eat this fish for the elderly.

On the basis of the smelt established drug for the treatment of periodontal disease. In addition, this fish is suitable for those who are watching their weight. Although it is quite greasy, but full of substances that improve the metabolic processes.

Harm to the smelt

Evil lurks in the smelt caught in the Neva river. Unfortunately the river – the eternal symbol of St. Petersburg, is badly contaminated. And animals, there live, for human consumption the. But irresponsible or unscrupulous fishermen still catch fish in the river and sell it. It is about the collectors accumulates in fish and probably feeds in there. In the lower reaches of the Neva river smelt are caught on an industrial scale.

Contraindicated to eat the spine for people suffering from allergies to seafood. Children can eat the fish. However, starting a diet with her is not recommended. It is much safer to first familiarize the child with sea, the so-called white fish.

Smelt easy to prepare, healthy, tasty. Her bones don't need to bother – you can eat directly from them. It is available and widespread. All this makes smelt a welcome guest at the tables.