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The benefits and harms of Flounder

Flounder is a fish which is very difficult to confuse with any other: it is flat and has two eyes on one side, with a white belly. Commercial fish, because it has a very tasty meat, and it is exactly as the caviar of flounder is very helpful. She lives mainly in the seas, however, sometimes swim in the river. Its flat appearance it owes deep-sea lifestyle. In nature, the predator feeds on fish and various crustaceans.

Use kambali

Favor of the meat of this fish is very difficult to overestimate. It has a low calorie content despite the fact that fat meat medium, which gives the opportunity to include flounder healthy diet. One hundred grams of meat in the flounder, only 90 calories, for comparison, this is less than even low-fat cottage cheese. For the same amount of meat contains fifteen grams of protein and thirty grams of healthy fats, which, unlike animal fats do not cause problems with cholesterol, additionally possess a range of essential amino acids, i.e. amino acids which are not synthesized in the body, but exist in foods. All of this suggests that the flounder can be successfully replaced by any supplements with omega-three and omega-six fatty acids, which, moreover, is often costly.

Flounder is an excellent source of high quality protein. And the protein is known to be the building blocks of our body, it builds muscle tissue, bone, hair. In short, health depends on whether you eat protein. Feature of the protein is the flounder is in the fact that it is absorbed almost completely, and, as you know, it's not how much is eaten, and how much learned.

In addition, the meat of this fish is rich in various vitamins, minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, copper, as well as, flounder is one of those foods that contain selenium.

Flounder is perfect for children who need to follow a special diet. Generally speaking, it is a great product for all ages, because it has a positive effect on the overall recovery, the condition of the teeth, skin, hair, bones, due to its rich nutritional value. Incidentally, the collagen used in cosmetics, is extracted from this fish, and it is considered the most qualitative.

Harm flounder

As for the harm of plaice it is minimal. First of all, to eat this product is not recommended for people who suffer allergies to the protein of this fish. And in General, too high protein intake is harmful to people who have problems with the kidneys and the liver, in this case, you need to follow in order to comply with the measure. Fish can absorb any harmful elements that can bring harm to human health, for example, mercury, heavy metals go. It really is, so you should be confident in the quality of the fish you buy, where it conducted environmental tests showing the health of the fish. Especially carefully should watch for this if meat will be to eat the child.

Some gourmets are of the opinion that the smell of flounder significantly spoil the smell of the meals. This, of course, is not harmful, but unpleasant. That smell get rid of, you need to fully gut a fish and skin a dark color. Can help also the extinguishing process, but always with something sour, with limonium juice, or sour wine. As for safety, it is frozen with the product quality problems will not arise, but if the fish is defrosted, then long to dwell in perfect as she can't quickly deteriorate. And this instantly increases the chances of poisoning, so, before buying always check the quality. This can be done by pushing the pulp. If the meat is not elastic, then take it in no event it is impossible, we must choose the elastic carcass.

The use of flounder

Applications of this fish – a great many. It can be consumed as a separate dish, bake, fry, boil, can be added to salads as a main ingredient. On the Internet there are a great many different recipes, from the simple to the sophisticated, and therefore, learn and cook!

Summarizing all the above, we can say that the flounder fish is extremely useful, with a range of the most useful properties. Eating flounder feed on a regular basis can significantly improve the health of their bones, hair, nails, skin, because this fish allows to fully cover the needs in protein(of course, not a single flounder, because it will need for this are many, but of great help to bring it can). There a huge variety of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

However, always keep in mind that "enough is enough". If you eat too much fish, then you can overload the kidneys, potrebu too much protein. You should be careful if there are any contraindications, and most importantly – choose only quality product!