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The benefits and harms of Squid

Squid – aquatic space, which is considered to be one of the fastest, because at the rate they are inferior only to such fish as tuna, Dolphin and swordfish. Squid, if necessary, can develop high speed and fly out of the water, brushing over her tens of meters. Sometimes they fly so high that they can get the fishermen on ship.

Strong and muscular torso of the squid has a cylindrical shape, one end of which are triangular fins, and the other for the mouth opening, around which grow ten tentacles, two of which clearly differ in their size. They are catching.

For food use it is the tentacles and mantle of the squid. By the way, as food of squid used since ancient times, it is especially popular in the coastal peoples, for obvious reasons – a large number of different marine animals, including squid themselves.

Permanent industrial catching that marine life is established for a long time. Squid are caught and frozen right on the ship, because the squid is a perishable product, and re-freeze it not be.

Use squid

Squid – just a storehouse of protein, its concentration in the product is much higher than any kind of meat or fish. And as you know, protein is the building material of which is composed our bone, muscle tissue, hair, and in General, any tissue of our body. In addition, squid are full of vitamins and polyunsaturated fat that also plays a huge role in a balanced diet. In addition, as with all seafood, the squid is full of many minerals – iodine, phosphorus, copper, zinc. Squid is very useful for digestion, because they contain a large amount of extractives, which very positively affects the development of digestive juices.

In addition, the use of squid in the food helps to eliminate headaches, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthen the immune system,


The use of squid

The only way to use the squid – application to foods. It can cook separately and add to various dishes such as, salads, and more.

Squid are very delicate taste and has a pleasant aroma. One of the advantages of this Navigator is that it does not have some bright fishy smell, which many do not like. The taste of the squid is somewhat reminiscent of lobster meat.

To prepare squid: here you can find various soups, burgers, calamari, fries. On the Internet you can find just a huge number of recipes with which to create a gourmet meal. The easiest way of cooking squid – boiling. The main thing here is to boil long enough, because if the squid think we will get the meat will be rubber and stiff, which is absolutely not necessary.

Harm squid

With regard to harm squid, this can be attributed to POSSIBLE disorders of the nervous system. This happens because the squid absorbs many harmful substances such as mercury. However, such cases are rare.

In short, squid meat, very tasty and healthy product that can be used as a separate dish, and as an auxiliary ingredient for the preparation of more complex dishes. Kalmar has a delicate taste and pleasant aroma, has many very positive aspects to the body. With a reasonable consumption, the health risks are minimal.