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The benefits and harms of Dorado

Dorado is a fish of the genus sparus. It is called a sea crucian or Golden spar. This fish is a hermaphrodite. She wears a lot of names, but the most popular of the above and also modified the name of Dorada, Dorada less.

She lives in the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic ocean, very rarely it can be found in the Black sea. In the growth of the Dorado may reach 70 centimeters and weighing up to 17 kilograms. These fish live up to 11 years.

Now widespread artificial cultivation of this fish, among which the most common two species, grey and Royal Dorado. The second form has a more delicate meat, the meat has a pinkish hue.

Properties Dorado

Dorado is considered the fish a delicacy among the whole family. And the reason that tender meat that has a nice pinkish color, thin and sharp flavor, refined and sweet taste. Golden spar there is another positive quality — a small number of bones. All this makes the fish not the cheapest product in the grocery market.

Fresh fish has a single quality — elasticity. Dorado is no exception. If you put it on the palm, all parts that didn't fit (tail and head) must not overhang. This property is the main characteristic of fresh fish. Also, after clicking it, the form needs to quickly recover.

It is believed that the most delicious Dorado fish caught in the period from July to October. During this period the fishermen there is the opportunity to catch the largest fish.

Use Dorado

Not only a great taste gold spar is an advantage. In fish also contains huge amount of important and useful substances, vitamins and minerals, which by their nature are essential components in the metabolism. The meat itself can be considered a diet because it does not contain fat, but it is full of protein. Accordingly, if possible, this fish can be consumed without any restrictions.

Like any other fish, Dorado will be useful when consumed regularly at least twice a week. In this case, the person decreases the likelihood of disease atherosclerosis, of getting a heart attack, plus the level of cholesterol and sugar comes back to normal.

In Dorado contains such nutrients as vitamins A, E, D, micronutrients and macronutrients.

The use of Dorado

To cook this fish, like many others, can be completely different, roughly speaking, on what the imagination will suffice. There is one rule — Dorado should not be subjected to prolonged heat treatment. So in the oven the maximum period of stay shall be up to 10 minutes (depending on cooking method), and if it is steamed, then it is permissible and 15 minutes, but in the pan and the grill quite two minutes. Before processing the fish, it is recommended to make two or three cuts on the sides, choosing the most fleshy place that the fish are evenly prepared.

It goes well with sauce based on white wine or lemon butter sauce. Olives, which has been rubbed with tomato, also perfectly in tune with the Dorado. Garnish this fish can be different, but best of all, if this is a vegetable side dish.

This buck make great cakes to taste, you can add and vegetables.

Harm Dorado

This fish has the individual intolerance and allergic reactions. No more harm to human health Dorado is not responsible. However, it is worth noting that it still contains the little bones, so fish should not feed small children.