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The benefits and harms of anchovy

Anchovy - a small pelagic fish, which reaches 20 centimeters. Seafood is found in the Atlantic, and rarely swims to shore. Caught in the summer, in the cold season it falls far enough.

Catch anchovies can only purse seines. This is quite a popular product because of its quality are unusual and enjoyable. C ancient times, the fish enjoyed success in Rome, Panticapaeum and Greece.

Use anchovy

Use anchovies undeniable, otherwise the fish would not have found such wide application in cooking. Most often you can find canned cabin on store shelves. Anchovies are used for preparation of various spices, mostly to vegetable dishes. All the benefits of this fish is a huge amount of Omega-3. Polyunsaturated fatty acids found in anchovies, promote the body's resistance to atherosclerosis and hypotensive effect.

With regular use of fish can prevent heart disease, vascular disease. Benefit is that seafood has a high content of micro and macro elements that are so important to the human body.

Fish is popular in many cuisines of the world. It serves as a main dish, and to add other nourishing and nutritious meals.

No matter serves anchovies, fried or baked, they are always useful in any form. This is one of the largest sources of vitamin D, which is responsible for calcium and phosphorus metabolism. This vitamin is considered the most important for a growing organism. Almost all physicians recommend to include in the diet of this fish, since it has a lot of iodine. It is very important for a growing organism, to stimulate the work of the main brain. The anchovies has vitamin B.

Application of anchovies

Most anchovies are used in modern industry. The first is the preparation of spicy, salty products and canned goods. Anchovies can eat in any way, as this is a common marine fish. It can be purchased in stores frozen and rarely fresh.

Anchovies are used in salads, sandwiches. This fish is placed in cakes, pizza. Because of the fish can be prepared fishmeal, intended to fertilize fields and feeding livestock. Quite often, the fish used to feed other fish species, when grown, or as bait for tuna fishing.

Harm anchovies

To the delight of the harm of this type is not detected unless there is an individual intolerance. Otherwise, only the fish has a positive effect on human organism.