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The benefits and harms of green tea

The benefits of green tea has been known since ancient times. Many nations have used it to treat a variety of diseases. Modern scientists have confirmed the fact that green tea has many unique properties and positive effect on the body. What is the use of this miracle drink and if it can harm?

The unique properties of this product is easy to explain: in green tea a lot of chemicals present. Thus, the beverage includes more than 500 elements, among which we should mention magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, fluorine. In addition, it includes almost all vitamins and 450 organic compounds. 

 However, its unique properties of green tea is the following:

1. alkaloids. The main alkaloid is caffeine in green tea - this substance provides a surge of energy and forces the human body. However, this beverage contains caffeine in pure form - substance present in its structure, called Thein. It has a milder effect, allowing the activation of mental and physical activity of the person. Thein improves mood and increases efficiency.

2. Minerals. Contained in the composition of green tea micro and macro elements ensure the correct functioning of the human body systems. The use of this drink helps to maintain the correct balance of minerals in the body, provides a strong immune system and gives the nails healthy, hair, teeth.

3. polyphenols. Green tea contains catechins - polyphenols it, which are excellent antioxidants. Just one cup of green tea a day saturates the body with 10-40 grams of polyphenols. Due to this the drink reduces the number of free radicals, thereby reducing the risk of developing malignancies. In addition, there is evidence that catechins are very useful for strengthening the immune system and are characterized by antimicrobial properties.