The benefits and harms of Mead

Mead is an alcoholic beverage that is made from honey, water, yeast and various other components.

So, the kind of Mead we know now appeared in the XVIII century. It is believed that originally Mead was called the usual drink with honey were diluted with water.

Properties of Mead

The fortress of alcoholic beverage may be different. Most people are accustomed to seeing not too strong Mead, about 5%, but sometimes the fortress can reach 70%. Quite often in the last time possible to meet the non-alcoholic Mead, and taste it will remind your counterpart —alcoholic beverage.

The basis for Mead is honey and other ingredients can be different — it all depends on the recipe.

Since the first sources of drinking Mead takes us back to ancient times, it is safe to assume that Mead is probably the oldest drink in Russia, among the alcoholic. Then it was considered a gift that can make a person immortal, and give him various magical abilities.

However, this drink is loved not only by Slavs but also the Greeks, and Finns. To share this drink on the classes can be on several grounds:

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fumed whether the honey before fermentation;
was added to the drink alcohol;
have added you honey, and when it was added;
are there any additional ingredients.
Use Mead

What would be useful properties may have an alcoholic beverage? After all, alcohol is not, in principle impact positively on the human body, nevertheless, it still is.

Small quantities of Mead can reduce the temperature and expels colds. Due to these properties it is possible to strengthen the body and get rid of the heat. It is important that Mead not only relieves symptoms but also prevents the development of disease and the growth of microbes.

And before Mead and is used as a hangover cure, but if this soft drink, you can drink even during pregnancy, in order to strengthen the organism and its resistance to negative environmental influences.

As for alcoholic beverage, in small doses, it can be a preventive for various diseases. For example, in diseases of the cardiovascular system. If you combine the Mead with mint, can soothe the nervous system and the whole person, which helps to normalize and strengthen sleep.

There are several recipes that helps in various diseases, and here the main thing to be careful of this Mead. For example, in combination with the red wine, the Mead will be a great remedy for constipation and intestinal infections.

The use of Mead

Mead is used as a single drink, and it can help to treat a variety of diseases, but as a rule of Mead is diluted in proportion with the other beverages.

To prepare the Mead even at home, and for this there are two ways. The first method is boiling, and the second excludes it the other way around. It should be noted that the period of preparation of Mead, depending on the method selected will vary. So, without boiling, this period to be two months, and with a boiling — for about six months.

Harm the Mead

First and foremost, Mead is an alcoholic beverage, which like any other negative effects on the human body. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it in higher doses.

Of course, alcoholic Mead should not be consumed pregnant women and women during lactation. Do not forget that non-alcoholic Mead on the contrary very useful.

If you have Allergy or individual intolerance of honey, the drink is banned for use.