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The benefits and harms of Puer tea

Puer tea - a drink with a rich history and miraculous properties. Today, this variety of tea is very popular not only in China but also in many other countries. He thus owes its excellent taste and, of course, its unique composition. What is extraordinary benefits Puer tea? Features tea Puer Initially this drink made from several varieties-leaf tea tree, which grows in Yunnan Province. After a while, all the tea, which is made in the region came to be called Puer tea, that the ancient Chinese language can be translated as "Puer tea leaves." Characteristic features of this product is determined by its composition and method of production. Puer tea is produced by a long fermentation - this process takes about one and a half months. 

After the leaves are natural fermentation, they are not yet ready for use. Its miraculous properties of tea Puer receives only a year after manufacture. The composition of this drink is considered to be truly unique, because it is based on the leaves of bushes, whose age is several hundred years old. That's why pu'er tea, benefits and harms that are caused by its composition, differs intense flavor and a light fruity flavor. Useful properties of Puer tea Back to contents The main property of the beverage in its stimulating effect. In Puer it contains a lot of tannins, which contribute to the excitation of the nervous system.

This drink allows you to:

1. Effectively work in a constant lack of sleep.

2. It is easy to wake up in the morning.

3. Qualitatively solve intellectual problems.

4. Increase physical endurance.

5. Raising the reduced pressure in hypotensive patients.

6. Improve the circulation.

Many people believe that the pu-erh tea is able to reduce appetite. Especially effective palace beverage brand in this matter. This ability is related to the presence of tannins and stimulating specific taste. This effect is widely applied in a variety of diets: so pu-erh can replace breakfast or decrease with the help of calorie lunch. However, drinking it in the night is not worth it, because it will lead to insomnia.

Aside from the obvious loss of appetite, Puer able to:

1. Withdraw excess fluid due to the mild diuretic action.

2. To normalize blood sugar levels.

3. Reduce cholesterol.

4. Improve the condition of the vegetative-vascular dystonia and asthenia.

5. Bring in the rate of blood flow.

6. To strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Not for nothing in China this drink is considered a medicine for a hundred diseases. Pu-erh can be used for digestive disorders as a mild astringent. A tea with ginger perfectly strengthens the immune system. There are data showing that Puer prolongs youth. In addition, it is an effective tool against free radicals that cause skin aging. In some cases, Pu erh use for cleaning the body from heavy metals and as an agent to neutralize the effects of radiation. Hazardous properties and contraindications Back to contents This drink with extreme caution should drink high blood pressure: Puer tea has a tonic effect, which may lead to an increase in blood pressure. It is contraindicated in pregnant women, as can improve muscle tone, which adversely affect fetal development. It is not recommended to drink this tea, and children up to three years. Also from Puer have to give to people who are suffering from urolithiasis. This drink can cause movement of the stones and block the ureter. Do not brew puer too hard, as it may cause the so-called tea intoxication. That is why this drink is sometimes compared with the drug. In reality this is not so: the misuse of Puer causes a slight nausea, which passes quickly and is not accompanied by a headache. Puer tea can be confidently called a magic bullet, because it helps get rid of many diseases, and allows recharge your batteries for a long time.

And to this drink does not hurt your health, remember the feeling of action and contraindications to its use.