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The benefits and harms of mate tea

This drink is made from the leaves of yerba mate, which is collected on the plantations, dried and ground. The larger the leaves of the finished product, the more intense the flavor will have a drink. If we talk about its beneficial properties, they directly depend on the retention and processing method. Equally important is the method of brewing tea - experts believe it is a real art. In this unusual drink has a lot of useful items. These include B vitamins, A, C and E. In addition, yerba mate contains tannin, rutin, mateine, beta amyrin, inositol. In its composition contains resin, isobutyric, isovaleric and izokapronovaya acid. With regard to the macro-and micronutrients, mate tea is rich in sulfur, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium. Useful properties of yerba mate tea Back to contents 

The positive effect of tea on the mat body is directly related to its composition. In particular, this drink contains mateine - toning substance, which can charge the body with energy for the whole day. In addition, the mat has the following miraculous properties:

1. As part of the normalization of the pressure mat there is caffeine, which enhances the pressure. Therefore, this drink is perfect gipotonikam. It is very important to control the amount of tea, or the pressure may become too high.

2. Strengthening blood vessels Thanks to a part of the drink vitamin P it helps strengthen the walls of blood vessels. This is especially useful for people who have thin and delicate skin - use of tea mate to avoid the appearance of bruises on the body.

3. Colon Cleansing and normalization of metabolic processes Mate tea helps to eliminate toxins from the body. In addition, it helps to normalize metabolic processes of the body. This drink this facilitates quick and easy weight loss.

4. Improved mood People who are prone to depression, also need to consume this drink. It helps improve mood, helps to overcome nervousness and aggression, relieves insomnia. That is why the mate tea should definitely eat people constantly faced with stress