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The benefits and harms of tea with milk

Some call this drink aristocratic, referring to the British tradition. Another says the Mongol custom of brewing tea unfermented dairy product, adding a good spoonful of oil in it. And most of our fellow citizens insist that both options - spoiling the taste. Meanwhile, tea with milk, the benefits and harms of which are discussed in wider circles, does not lose its flavor characteristics, and acquires new shades. Let's talk about how useful this cocktail, or rather he is able to harm the body. The benefits of tea with milk If you do not add milk drink tea and sugar and spices, its natural taste remains unchanged. Dairy products - is a neutral component, she did not argue with a tea flavor, not choke it. 

But sugar or honey enhance nutritional value, making the drink into a full lunch or even dinner. When mixing tea infusion and milk obtained cocktail that not only stimulates and tones, but also possesses tonic properties. Milk contains hundreds of useful components Bole, but not every "adult" the stomach is able to adequately digest the ultrapolezny product. That's why we have to give preference to yogurt or sour milk, surpassing the threshold of childhood. Tea also contributes to the fact that milk is perfectly absorbed by the body, its flaws become virtues. In turn, the milk affects the quality of the tea. Use alkaloids and caffeine rather questionable, and milk eliminates a significant part of the action of these natural energy. People with excessive stimulation of the nervous system, tea with milk, the benefits and harms of which provoke discussion, not just recommended, but "the doctor ordered." Add a little less welding - and a natural sedative ready. The perfect duo tea with milk - is "food" for the body depleted disease. Chronic respiratory diseases or food poisoning - in both cases, a person is difficult to force myself to eat solid food. Rehabilitation milk tea (sweetened), not only embolden the weakened body, but will be a useful source of a mixture of vegetable and animal components (fat and protein).

And healthy people should not abandon the use of the drink of the English aristocracy, and the Mongols. Complex fats and proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, minerals and tonics various substances can not be superfluous. Everyone needs to disease prevention, it needs to strengthen his immune and nervous system. It is known that the vast majority of disease - a consequence of a weak immune system, stress and neurosis. Tea with milk will help maintain the protective resources in tone. Quenching thirst and hunger, nutrition of the body with useful substances, toning, and at the same time soothing effect - of these advantages it is enough to use the cup was filled to the bottom. Obviously, tea and milk - excellent partners. And the flavor and aroma of the beverage only enriched by such a combination. There is another point of view on milk tea, benefit or harm in this dispute dominates - personal position everyone chooses their own.