The benefits and harms of Grappa

The feature of alcoholic beverage Grappa is that it can be manufactured in Italy from local grapes according to the decree, released in 1997. It also describes the detailed technology of production of brandy and describes its quality.

It is believed that the first drink was invented in the town of Bassano del Grappa, which lies under mount Grappa. Initially, the drink was very strong and it is drinking small gulps of pottery. Over time, the drink was varied, it added spice, made from different grape varieties to achieve a pleasant taste and spicy aroma.

Properties of Grappa

Grappa is an alcoholic beverage, belonging to the class of brandy. The strength of the drink varies from 40 to 50 rpm, depending on the type of Grappa. Prepares alcoholic drink based on grape pomace, although the feedstock can be cinnamon, black currant, almond and other herbs, berries and fruits. Grappa can be produced from one kind of grape, and a mixture of different varieties.

Varieties of Grappa are different in time of exposure. The more aged the drink in barrels, the more aromatic it becomes, the taste becomes more intense and subtle. For a sweeter flavour to Grappa add fruit syrups. Grappa has no color, is transparent fluid.

To use alcoholic drink taken in the form of heat, so as not to spoil the taste. Chilled Grappa loses its flavoring feature, store the drink at 15 degrees in a specific rounded bottles, which produce the beverage.

The use of Grappa

In small quantities Grappa relieves stress, calms and gives tone to the body, has a positive effect on blood vessels and relaxes and elevates mood. A glass of Grappa you can drink after a hard, busy day.

A little Grappa before lunch improves appetite and promotes better development of gastric juice.

Grappa mixes well with meat, it softens it, making the meat more tender and flavorful, especially if Grappa is a sauce or marinade.

The use of Grappa

Due to the large amount of ethyl alcohol in the composition, Grappa can be used as a disinfectant. It can lubricate the bruises, abrasions, wounds, to wipe their hands, the surface of the table.

On the Grappa make tinctures, which are used in folk medicine. Tincture of hops on the Grappa used in the insomnia and the agitated state of the nervous system. Setting orange, removes a headache, helps to fight migraine. Bitters are used in small quantities as a medicine and not as a drink.

Grappa is included in the recipes of numerous Italian dishes. It can be used in the preparation of desserts, alcoholic drinks, marinade meat in sauce for fish.

In Italy alcoholic beverage is added to a strong coffee in small quantities, this coffee has its own name and is a favourite among Italians and tourists.

In a dead voice, Grappa helps to restore vocal cords, warming them. Useful Grappa after hypothermia in the cold, it reduces the chances of catching a cold.

Harm Grappa

Since Grappa – alcoholic drink, it can cause alcoholism, liver disease, destroying brain cells. It is forbidden to eat for children, pregnant and lactating women.

As security, Grappa should not be used to people driving a car and dealing with dangerous devices, athletes during operation.

Can't drink Grappa in diseases of the nervous and digestive systems.

In large quantities may cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the intestines, cause intoxication of the body, cause vomiting and poisoning.