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The benefits and harms of Tomato juice

Tomato juice is the most useful drink for many people. Tomato juice benefits and harms is of interest to many, it is characterized in that it can not only quench your thirst, but even to remove the feeling of hunger. Tomato juice - the juice is made from recycled vegetable. This juice has a lot of useful calcium, but it has a small amount of calories. Use tomato juice Tomato juice is often advised to use for children, elderly people and those who are afraid of the formation of excess fat. Useful properties of the product due to a wealth of vitamins and minerals. Among a lot of vitamins B, C, PP, and minerals are as follows: - Calcium - magnesium - fluoro - zinc - phosphorus - iodo - copper and many others. 

Such a large amount of various nutrients allows tomato juice to easily influence the process of digestion, improve metabolism, remove toxins and waste products. Tomato juice is ideal for the prevention of heart disease, it is also considered a means antikartsenogennym One of the main antioxidants that can fight cancer cells, considered the lycopene. Those who often drink tomato juice, rarely get cancer. It is also noticed that people who already have cancer, could alleviate their condition. Tomato juice also contains large amounts of serotonin, which helps in combating stress. This material was successfully minimizes the effects of stress state. Also tomato juice stops the processes of decay in the gut, allowing to adjust the digestion and lead harmful substances from the body. If there are problems in humans, including bloating and constipation, the tomato juice is excellent yield. The juice of tomatoes is also considered a good diuretic and cholagogue.

Tomato juice to drink to those who suffer from gastritis or ulcer, but in this case, you should avoid drinking the beverage during the exacerbation of the disease. It can in this case hurt and amplify pain. The juice is also useful in diabetes. It helps to normalize blood sugar levels. Juice is also able to bring cholesterol and increase hemoglobin. Also juice helps thrombosis, it significantly slows the formation of blood clots, and thus helps to avoid stroke. Benefits and harms of tomato juice and interesting for those who want to lose weight, it has a small caloric content, but rather high amount of vitamins and trace elements. There is also a large amount of carotene, ie one glass of juice can replace a hundred grams of fresh carrots. Harm tomato juice Information about the dangers of the juice quite a bit, if the product is to use properly, the damage is in principle not to be. use the juice should be avoided during exacerbations of pancreatitis, ulcers, gastritis. In this case, may worsen pain. Juice is also contraindicated in neurotic spasms. It is also found that the use of the juice with certain products may lead to the formation of kidney stones. Do not drink juice with fish, meat, bread tvorogomi. In order to get all the nutrients and beneficial substances, it is best to use fresh squeezed juice. Pasteurized juice has much less useful properties. Besides eventually all nutrients simply dissolve. Many people like to drink tomato juice with salt, but it should be understood that the salt will also reduce the content of nutrients. It is believed that a more useful to make juice can add a pair of spoons sunflower oil in it. Also, to enhance the beneficial properties suitable nuts and cheese. Tomato juice is perfect for vegetable dishes, green.