Benefit and harm

The benefits and harms of Vermouth

The history of the vermouth leads from ancient times when it was used as antiseptic and medicinal drug. They tried to treat colds and viral diseases, was used as anesthetic.

Now vermouth is an alcoholic beverage, which strength does not exceed 20 rpm. It belongs to the fortified wines. Vermouth is prepared on the basis of herbs and spices, often used for flavor yarrow, mint, cinnamon, cardamom, black elderberry, and nutmeg. The main component of the drink – wormwood, it gives the vermouth a distinctive feature.

Properties of vermouth

The taste of this drink is tart, slightly bitter, resembling an infusion of wormwood, which is a basic component. Hence the name "Vermouth", which in German means wormwood. Vermouth was developed as a drug based on herbs, but to remove a sharp tart smell, diluted wines. Its flavor characteristics made vermouth a delicious alcoholic beverage. In the end, vermouth is alcohol, not cough tincture.

Originally, vermouth was prepared only on the basis of white grapes. Today's technologies allow to cook him from the red and pink types. The cooking process takes from two months to a year and consists of several stages: extract of herbs, mix with grapes and adding sugar and wine alcohol.

There are five types of vermouth. They differ in strength and composition. Made vermouth around the world, but the best varieties are Italian, Spanish and French vermouth. All the famous Martini also refers to the vermouth.

The use of vermouth

Since the composition of the present vermouth ethyl alcohol, vermouth is a good antiseptic. If you do not have medicines, they can treat the wound or the surface of the table.

In small quantities it promotes faster digestion and improve appetite. In France, drink half glass of vermouth before dinner. 50 grams of vermouth help to Wake up and recover after the poisoning.

Martini add in some cocktails, it gives sweetness and pleasant aroma. Popular cocktails are vodka martinis, sunrise and Negroni. Martini also can be diluted with other alcoholic drinks for the exquisite taste.

The use of vermouth

Vermouth is used in folk medicine for colds. A glass of wine is heated to 80-85 degrees and dissolve in it 2 tablespoons of honey. After cooling, the mixture drink.

Effective is the tincture of violets on the vermouth from a sore throat. Violets pour dry vermouth and leave to infuse for two weeks in a cool dry place, where no daylight. Useful properties the infusion keeps for three to four months. For the treatment of one tablespoon diluted in a glass of warm water and gargle.

Against stomach ulcer used a mixture of vermouth and the juice of aloe. Aloe mixed with honey, then add the vermouth. The use of this medication alleviates peptic ulcer disease, kills inflammation.

Harm vermouth

Vermouth contains a large number of herbal extracts. For this reason, it can cause allergies.

Because vermouth applies to alcoholic beverages, in large quantities it causes alcoholism and can cause cirrhosis of the liver. We should not abuse them, people who are prone to addictions of an alcoholic nature.

When any disease of the gastrointestinal tract from the use of alcohol should be abandoned. Alcohol kills the cells of the body, and disrupts the intestine. The stomach can not cope with a large amount of alcohol that causes intoxication of the organism. Do not forget that alcohol kills brain cells.

Is strictly prohibited the use of all types of vermouth people under the age of majority, lactating mothers and pregnant women. In order to avoid disastrous consequences, it should not drink drivers.