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The benefits and harms of White tea

White tea — tea, which has a weak oxidation. This is done in order to preserve its original form, as it is during the growth of the hive, without intervention by people. The less oxidation the leaves, the more useful qualities of the tea retains.

Esteem he enjoyed in the days of the emperors of China. The rulers themselves used it, and was very appreciated. It was revered charm, exquisite taste and an enchanting aroma and useful properties.

Today there are 6 types of white tea, of which only 4 are common.

Properties of white tea

The leaves of white tea are the most delicate, as yet unopened. They have a small rim of white villi, therefore, the variety got its name. Each leaf is harvested by hand, and for one kg of white tea you need to collect more than 100 000 leaflets.

In the carriage of the leaves is very easy to spoil if you put them next to something strong-smelling because they'll absorb the smell.

The benefits of white tea

Along with special taste and aroma of white tea are also very helpful. It contains various minerals, caffeine and essential oils. It is worth noting that caffeine white tea and caffeine and coffee are white tea it is more useful.

It has a positive effect on the emotional background of a person, his mood lifting, antidepressant, normalizes mental condition, helps to get rid of fatigue, aggression and irritability, at the same time relaxing. Even one Cup of freshly brewed white tea helps to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system.

Among its useful properties can be noted antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Probably many of you know that white tea is a natural antioxidant. Because of this he is able to withdraw acid from the body, as well as heavy metals, block the negative effects of free radicals and do not allow the body to age.

Long since it was used to treat colds and also were used for prevention of colds. It is still used, but somewhat differently. When the first cold symptoms begin to drink in large quantities, which prevents further disease development. Regular use of white tea, you can avoid acute respiratory infections, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

Another useful quality is that it shows in the increased weight. This beverage helps burn fat deposits and makes them appear again (with regular use). The result, incidentally, is a scientific achievement, confirmed by series of experiments.

Another industry, which actively uses the white tea, it can be noted cosmetology.

The use of white tea

Any tea it is important to brew. But especially this rule applies to Chinese green and white tea. At home it is considered a ritual through which tea reveals all its taste and healing qualities. For this purpose, suitable ceramic or glass dishes, which initially must be warmed with warm water and allow to dry. In the ratio of 2 tsp per 200 ml pour tea with boiling water and with water having a temperature of 60-70 degrees. It is very important to pay attention to the temperature, since at high levels, many useful properties disappear. Infused tea is not more than three minutes. The very portion of the leaves can be brewed 3 times.

In cosmetology tea is used as a component of shower gels and shampoos.

The harm of white tea

But there must be empty space because white tea absolutely no contraindications. All pleasant and useful tea!