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The benefits and harms of Fresh juices

Vitamins - an important part of the everyday diet of adults and children. Fresh juices, the benefits and harms that can become a cause of disagreement between nutritionists, gastroenterologists and fans of all natural, are a source of essential body substances. Get them out of juice faster and tastier. They are almost completely absorbed, unlike fruits and vegetables contain enough organic compounds and pectin. Juices have less fiber in the composition, allowing them to drink the people for whom the use of fruits and vegetables is limited. Despite this, we should not think that they are useful to all, always and in any volume. There are some features of the human body, as well as the properties of the vegetable and fruit juices, which may bring more trouble than good.

It is available at any time of the year. Apples are low in calories, a lot of pectin needed for blood iron and a lot of vitamins. They provide energy efficiency and clarity of thought. Freshly squeezed apple juice, benefits and harms that are discussed from the viewpoints of nutritionists and gastroenterologists, is recommended for anemia and high blood loss, Professional sports, excess weight, smoking habit, excess cholesterol, pulmonary diseases. In the latter two cases, fresh apple juice must be present continuously in the diet. However, and it is the cause of acute disease. Do not use it for gastritis and pancreatitis. The acid contained in it may be harder to irritate an already inflamed mucous membranes, cause heartburn. With caution and a small amount you need to drink the juice of sweet apples with diabetes type 2.

This calorie content Champion, in the sense that there are very few. But potassium enough for the heart, for bone calcium and iron, iodine, phosphorus, vitamin B and nicotinic acid. Fresh cabbage juice, benefits and harms that combines as well as in other similar drinks, useful for: gastritis, increased irritability and insomnia, diabetes of any type, SARS and flu, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, high cholesterol. It also protects the skin from premature aging and is used as a rinse with stomatitis and periodontal disease. You should not drink freshly squeezed cabbage juice in the acute stage of chronic diseases of the pancreas and colitis. Flatulence it is also undesirable for use.