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The benefits and harms of White wine

White wine made from white grapes, but, contrary to the stereotypes of pink or red varieties. To achieve a light shade of wine with grapes, removed the skins, which contain pigments. But the juice of the pulp is not pronounced in color, you may even believe that it is almost colorless.

In total there are 31 white grape variety from which you can make a drink.

Properties of white wine

White wine is a popular beverage that goes best with fish, lean meat, cheese and sweet dishes. In the taste the important role played by the temperature of the drink. Too cold or warm, it should not be. Dry wines should have a temperature of 12 to 14 degrees, and sweet is even lower — 6 to 8 degrees.

The taste of this drink is very light, making it easy to drink. The aroma is also unsaturated, but more airy and soft. In combination with correctly chosen dish this type of wine can make it even spicier.

Used white wine in cooking, and despite the fact that this is an alcoholic beverage, it has some useful properties.

The caloric content of wine can be different, and it depends on the grapes from which the drink is made. The percentage of alcohol can also be different and varies from 7% to 15%. It affects the type of wine and the amount of added sugar.

Use white wine

That white wine is useful, people knew since the time of its creation. When consumed regularly in reasonable amounts can improve your health and prevent cardiovascular problems and diseases of the digestive system.

Everyone knows that wine obtained by the fermentation of grape juice, and is used for "provoking" organisms — yeast. After their mission is accomplished, they die, partly remaining in the liquid. This is very important because yeasts are considered nutrients, consisting almost entirely of proteins. They also contains vitamin B.

In white wine there are several acids, this grape and vinegar. These acids stimulate the digestive tract and improve digestion. Therefore, many feasts where people eat a lot, often served with white wine, increase falling due to the abundance of food the pH level. These acids also help in the absorption of amino acids.

The alcohol contained in wine, is also useful! However, in small doses. It helps to dilate the blood vessels, strengthens the heart when used regularly. Due to this, the person becomes more vigorous and are protected from ischemia.

There is a common stereotype that red wine is healthier than white because it contains two substances that help burn the fats. In fact, they are in white wine, so both types of wine are equally beneficial effect on the mitochondria.

The wine consists of 80% water. The water obtained from the juice of berries, and is useful for many processes in the human body.

Antioxidants — the nutrients, fighting our enemies, free radicals. This not only protects the body from serious diseases, but also fights aging of the human body.

It is recommended to drink a small quantity of water to facilitate the process of acclimatization, after changing the time zone. It even helps with headaches and insomnia.

Use white wine

Use white wine not only as a drink-Supplement to the dish, but add it to a marinade for meat fish or poultry.

A good solution is to add white wine in the restaurant: soup, sauce, fondue. It lowers the melting point of this product.

This wine is even added to soups with seafood.

However, this should have its own dose, because it is very easy to "overdo it" and spoil the food. After adding you need to wait about 10 minutes, the dish managed to soak in the taste and smell of wine.

It is believed that it is very helpful to drink a glass of wine a day. It is not only no harm, but will strengthen the body. However, it is very important to drink it during a meal and not on an empty stomach.

The harm of white wine

As with any alcohol, white wine can have a devastating effect on the body if you drink it in large doses. You only need 150 grams a day, during meal.

For cardiovascular disease, alcoholism and pancreatitis white wine is prohibited. Depressed patients should not drink white wine because it can cause the opposite effect and further damage the morale and mood.