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The benefits and harms of Milk serum

There was an pinprick - soured milk! Now, no porridge for breakfast brew, latte or coffee drink. It's a shame? Oh sure. But no more. Because of the sour milk will turn the whole two great products - cheese and whey. And so it can apply in many circumstances. Cottage cheese - it's wonderful. But let's talk about the serum. First of all, what is it? It is a drink made from soured milk. Deleted therefrom all fats, so that it is used as a dietary food. Since she was a little specific taste, it can add a little fruit or vegetable juice, or mixed with vegetable broth.

Nutritional value whey is small, only 50 kcal per 250 grams of product, and this value is almost independent of the fat content of the milk from which it was prepared, because all fats are removed from it during cooking. How to prepare milk whey? It's very simple. Sour milk or yogurt is placed in a water bath, covered with a lid and kept in slowly boiling water for several minutes. When the milk is curdled, it set aside to cool down, and then run off. The resulting liquid is whey! It is for some time should be set aside to cool it, then drain. After that you can use!

Whey has been known for a long time. She washed Cleopatra, its medicinal properties are well known healers of the past, it was administered to their patients in many cases. We wrote about it in his treatises by Hippocrates and Paracelsus. However, in those days did not whey from cow's and goat's and sheep's milk, since cows was still just was not in Europe. In Russia the dishes of fermented milk were served even at banquets of Prince Vladimir of Kiev in the tenth century, but the serum had not yet run off, her secret was lost with time, it had to be rediscovered. It happened in the post-Petrine times. But even then, its properties were known, and the serum simply discarded. It was given to the animals was used as a fertilizer. As long as someone does not come to mind her knead the dough for tortillas. Result liked. In Medieval Europe, the doctors attributed her miraculous properties, sometimes undeserved, prescribed for everyone. And it is from Europe serum "brought" in Russia. In the middle of the XIX century in Kiev has worked only one in the whole South-West region of the Russian Empire, a clinic, where people to treat digestive problems submitted sour-milk products, including serum. The course lasted for about three months, and observation of the hospital maid noticed a striking improvement in skin condition in all patients. Of course, they began to prepare themselves for the miracle serum - themselves discovering the secret of Cleopatra's beauty.