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The benefits and harms of kumiss

Kumys is an alcoholic, fermented beverage prepared from horse milk, by lactic fermentation of acidophilus and Bulgarian lactic acid yeast and bacteria. Also called fermented Mare's milk. Mare's milk has a whitish hue, sweet and sour refreshing taste and a little foam. The starter depends on the amount of alcohol contained in the drink. In General, the Mare is considered a very healthy drink providing a restorative effect on the human body. The birthplace of kumys are considered of Asian countries such as Kalmykia, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, etc.

Properties of kumys

The composition of horse milk has a lower energy value in comparison with cow and contains 1.7 to 1.9% body fat. Also there is less protein and mineral salts. But the number of milk sugar, it is superior to cow's. Vitamins fermented Mare's milk is rich in vitamin C. it is believed that one glass of this drink nourishes the body with this vitamin for the day.

The nutrients contained in the milk, absorbed by the body by 95%.

The use of Mare's milk

The Mare has some antibiotic substances which can kill the tubercle Bacillus, and also hinder the development and functioning of typhoid fever and dysentery. The use of this fermented milk drink due to the content of lactic acid bacteria, has a positive effect on the digestive system of the body. Also, the Mare has a positive effect on the properties of blood and its composition. For the human nervous system is soothing and relaxing drink. It helps fight insomnia, chronic fatigue and irritability.


Mare's milk is useful not only for people but for animals. It helps in the treatment of some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of horses, sheep, camels, cows.

Mare's milk is able to normalize the secretion of gastric juice and its chemical composition. They say that if you drink a glass of water an hour before a meal, the stomach acidity will be reduced, and if in half an hour, on the contrary, increases.

Many doctors attribute to their patients such a course, it usually lasts at least 20-30 days.

Due to the fact that the beverage contains a little alcohol, he quickly absorbed in the intestines, and proteins, sugars and fats that are contained in it are absorbed almost instantly. So often, people drink Mare's milk to increase the body weight and drink it with tuberculosis and many infectious diseases.

For each person the doctor should prescribe a certain dosage of the drink. Doctor suggest to start with a Cup a day and gradually increase the amount of consumed milk, but do not get carried away. A day person can consume a maximum of 2 liters.

As a rule, drink it slightly warmed, about room temperature. During the course of treatment this drink, you must add in your daily diet as many foods with high protein content.

The use of Mare's milk

Mare's milk is used mainly as a separate drink and eat so no special preparation, just slightly warm. Some people make hash with the addition of koumiss, as they believe that it will be more useful than kvass and mineral water. Kumis also do cocktails, dairy, and alcohol. You can add it to the batter accordingly and bake. A good option will be the production of cream for sweets.

Harm the Mare

One of the contraindications while taking the koumiss is a person with the following diseases: open forms of tuberculosis, inflammatory processes in kidneys, malignant tumors, heart disease, diabetes, atherosclerosis, obesity, duodenal ulcer and stomach in the acute stage, as well as personal intolerance to beverage.