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The benefits and harms of Cognac

Brandy is an alcoholic beverage that is produced from grapes of a special kind, with special technology. The grapes must be the white variety. Most often, the production of cognac used variety is Ugni Blanc. It Matures in October, so the cognac is ready to use only in late autumn.

Properties cognac

Thanks to the healing properties of brandy, if you drink it in moderate doses, is beneficial effects on the human body when any diseases. Under the action of tannin and tanning substances, vitamin C enhances its properties and contributes to a more active secretion of gastric juice. So the body is strengthened and blood vessels dilate, which is not true of a cook or any other alcoholic beverage. They, in turn, on the contrary destroys the blood vessels. In order to enhance the sweating you want to add a little brandy in the tea.

Positive properties is even the smell of brandy, so if you inhale it, you can cure many ailments. The second name of cognac the “elixir of health”. Its healing properties were discovered long ago. There is an old recipe that cures headaches, bruises, sprains, rheumatism and even cancer. It is extremely simple: salt, previously dried, pour in a jar of brandy, then, after the contents will rise to the tube, shake, and take a few drops. Warming properties of the brandy significantly help for colds. You need to drink only one drink and good sweat.

 The use of cognac

A few drops of this drink is useful for angina and hypertension. You can effectively calm your nerves and relieve stress. Useful to wipe the areas of the body with acne. Sailors are always treated with brandy sea sickness and scurvy, just rinsed them in the mouth and the disease receded, strengthening the teeth and gums. Useful properties of cognac depends on its age. Therefore, the therapeutic tincture is recommended to prepare five-star cognac.

The use of brandy

The most common application of the cognac found in collecting. Especially rare and fine drinks. Usually choose one of the areas: site, number of issue, year, the history of the company or of colors.

Using cognac, it can be interesting to change the design of the room or office. For the serious collector will always be a pleasure to tell you how each bottle was in his collection. Thanks to this use of brandy always have the opportunity to receive a gift of an interesting specimen in his collection.

Cognac is a great way to update furniture. He is able to restore the disturbed time, the varnish or Polish. To do this, it is recommended to use cognac dark color, pre-heating it. Then can be cleaned with a conventional polishing tool.

Marble wipe using cognac light color. The pile surface can be updated using a dark cognac color. For this pile to wipe at his direction, soaked in cognac with a cloth, wait for drying and raise it with a soft brush. Similarly, it is possible to clean the fur.

The harm of cognac

Cognac is harmful to people who suffer from hypotension and diabetes because it can raise blood pressure and to lower it. People who are overweight it is also contraindicated, as it has high calorie content. It calories equal to the amount that is contained in the mayonnaise.

Harmless dose of cognac is determined by the amount of not more than thirty grams a day. Not recommended to mix this drink with others. Cholelithiasis and chronic diseases cognac do not advise to use. Addicted to alcoholism cognac is generally contraindicated.