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The benefits and harms of Goat's milk

There is a Greek myth about how the goat Amalfeya fed her milk of Zeus. Since ancient times was known about the use of this product.

Properties of goat milk

In goat's milk has no casein, a protein found in cow's milk. He prevents good absorption, and it is excreted from the body very slowly. This milk is recommended to use those who have allergic reaction to cow's milk

The composition of goat's milk much better than cow's. It weight antioxidants contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, copper and other minerals. As for vitamins, they are less in goats milk. It contains vitamin C,A,B1,B2

Under the influence of various factors, the composition of goat milk varies. It depends on how the animal is well fed, how many goat years what it breeds.

The benefits of goat milk

That goat's milk is good, people knew for a long time. At the resorts of Switzerland them a few centuries ago, effectively treat anemia, rickets and tuberculosis. What affects the strength of this milk? Of course, its composition.

As the milk of the goat is very useful, it is recommended to use for people at any age. It is simply irreplaceable when marked gastric diseases, bone contains few minerals, but there are also certain problems with vision.

Goat milk contains much more potassium than in cow. It helps the proper functioning of the entire cardiovascular system.

If the child suffers from rickets, it is recommended to drink it with goat's milk.


The albumin contained in milk goats forms of fat flakes, which are better absorbed in this form. Therefore, the apparent caloric value of milk is well absorbed, and no sediment is formed.

Lactose in goat milk is small, which is very important for those who suffer from intolerance to this substance. After drinking goat's milk diarrhea excluded.

The use of goat's milk

It is widely used goat's milk in cooking. From it are made of different cheeses, wholesome yogurt, tasty yogurt, and sour. From a mixture of cow's milk and goat's manufactured the famous Swiss cheeses, known for their quality and excellent taste.

Actively used this product in cosmetics. It is added to creams, scrubs, cleansing masks, lotions and other means. This natural ingredient helps to repair skin. The effect is enhanced if the tool has other useful herbal extracts. There are many masks which you can prepare yourself, where goat's milk is one of the components.

Goat's milk softens fine skin. The hair becomes unusually tender and soft, if they are to rinse this product. That's why goat's milk is often added to shampoos.

Harm of goat milk

But such a useful product, oddly enough, there is some damage. Some people absolutely can not tolerate goat's milk. Although those who do not accept the cow's milk, ten times more. If you drink milk goats in the cold, then there is a high probability of Contracting a nasty sore throat. But the same thing can be said about cow's milk.Best to drink milk at room temperature or hot.

Goat's milk can lead to constipation. Therefore, it is not necessary to drink it in too large quantities.

In no case should not drink this milk product either directly before or immediately after a person has eaten. What is the reason? Under the influence of such milk gastric juice begins weaker effect. Food digestion begins much worse, which creates digestive extra load.