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The benefits and harms of Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a syrup derived from the SAP of the maple tree. For this purpose the sugar, red or black maple.

For the most part it manufactures Canada. The cult of maple in this country visible to the naked eye — a leaf of this tree is part of the national flag.

Collect the juice begins almost immediately with the onset of spring, during the so-called wailing of plants. After the required amount of juice has been collected, it is thickened, with the result that it turns out the syrup. The sugar in this process is not used. In order to obtain 1 liter of syrup, you need to collect at least 40 litres of juice.

Initially, to make it of steel in North America, and then this method spread to European countries. Now the vast majority of this fluid is made in Quebec which is in Canada.

Properties of maple syrup

Conventionally, the liquid is divided into two types American and canadian syrup. The difference lies in their transparency and density. In Canada, for the production of syrup followed carefully: there is a state Commission that oversees the purity and authenticity.

The taste of this syrup is sweet enough, the consistency — viscous, thick, color — noble dark red, transparent. This syrup is used solely for culinary purposes.

Preparing the syrup by hand, despite the fact that in the XXI century there are many opportunities in automating the manufacturing processes. Love it for the unique taste and the fact that he can change the hue of the food to which has been added.

Interestingly, the locals are very sensitive to the process of assembling the juice of the maple. During this period, settled winter, and near gathering places built houses, there are guest tables, as well as equipment that allows you to cook various Goodies with the juice of the maple. So, children eating delicious pancakes with syrup, and adults carvery.

Use maple syrup

It is gratifying that this syrup has no artificial impurities, that is, the product is natural a hundred percent. Color, viscosity, taste, aroma — all native.

In its structure, quite a lot of minerals such as zinc, iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and potassium, lots of vitamins of group B. Also, it contains and antioxidants, whose function is the prevention of diseases of the heart muscle and vascular system. They are also working on rejuvenation of the body.

This syrup is not a very high sugar content. For example, in honey it more. Natural sugars such as fructose in it and did not find, which is a plus for people watching their weight. For this reason, the maple syrup will suit people with unpleasant illness called diabetes. Another sugar, glucose, easily absorbed by the body.

The syrup is plant hormones that have complex effect on the pancreas, forcing it to work like a clock. Syrup prevents rather dangerous diseases such as breast cancer, brain and diabetes.

The product strengthens the body in General, useful in atherosclerosis and weak potency. Besides the fact that the syrup is delicious, it is also can be replaced by more harmful, especially for figures, products such as jam and sugar. He even considered one of the foods important for a healthy diet.

The caloric value of the syrup is not too high — 260 kcal.

The use of maple syrup

Used maple syrup as a hostess at home and cooks in expensive restaurants. It can be served with pancakes and pancakes and waffles, add to ice cream. It is an excellent ingredient for baking, sauce and dessert. But not just with sweets this syrup is good: meats will get an interesting taste, if you feed them a small amount of this syrup.

Some pastry shops and bakeries replaces the sugar that makes many products more useful.

The harm of maple syrup

This product is quite harmless, and "fault" in this his naturalness. However, it should be noted that due to the fact that the syrup contains glucose, to get involved in maple syrup is not worth it. This product will be very useful, but in moderation.