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The benefits and harms of Katyk

Sour cream is a beverage of ancient Turkic peoples. In their national cuisine, this product is used as a diverse seasoning for almost all dishes, prepare traditional Kurt cheese and drink it in its natural form. The ancient recipe of the drink is passed on from generation to generation for many years, and a starter for his relatives use the same few months.

For the present katika you can use any milk but, most importantly, that it was natural. The milk should boil, cool to body temperature of the person and add a tablespoon of starter per litre of milk, and then leave the resulting liquid for 12 hours. After 12 hours, mix the milk and wrap it in something warm. Now we need to leave future Katik 12 hours, and to touch it is not recommended, as the lactic acid bacteria do not like air penetration. Later, this capacity should send in a cooler until thick. After several hours the drink is ready. You need to store it in a cool or cold place, such as in the refrigerator or basement.

Properties katika

In yeast katika contains a huge amount of lactic acid bacteria, e.g., Streptococcus and Bulgarian sticks, through which the product has a high nutritional value. Microorganisms prevent the development of harmful putrefactive bacteria in the human body, helping to restore a healthy balance of intestines and stomach, enhance the protective functions of the organism. The drink helps to gain eternal youth, can strengthen and tone the skin.

Use katika

In the drink there is a large amount of copper, calcium, silicon, phosphorus, iron, zinc and vitamins E, A, D, and B. Some species have low calorie content, allowing you to use this product to people on a diet. Also stimulates the appetite and cleanses the intestines from toxins, reducing the weight of the person. The product can be drunk by pregnant or breastfeeding women. The drink not only reduces the level of cholesterol and sugar, but also prevents the appearance of kidney stones, increases the body tone.

Application katika

Ancient beverage, you can add a variety of salads as a dressing or mixing with spices, herbs. Often the vegetables roast in the pan, and then pour them with sour cream, it turns out "fried soup." It is added in soups, for example, mung (beans) or Mary. It is also cooked and home-made noodles.

Cheese ejehei, which is mainly used in Kazakh cuisine for the preparation of braised meat or poultry, get of salt and katika.

It can be diluted with mineral water, having another healthy drink, ayran. If you add to catego perekoshennyy salt and dill, you get the seasoning for different meat dishes, which people call civet. Tajik and Uzbek cuisine is famous for its fresh summer soup with vegetables - CALAPA, which consists of garlic, spices, salt and katika. Azerbaijanis one can cook soup with eggs, veal and sour cream.

Harm katika

Sour cream is mostly fat product, so use it people who are obese, is not recommended. It is important to find a really natural drink, because a fake can be dangerous to the body. Before use, should consult a doctor because it may be intolerance to dairy products. Do not give it to children under the age of 10 years, as it can harm their digestion. By drinking an expired beverage is possible to diarrhea and severe poisoning.