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The benefits and harms of Calvados

Calvados is a strong alcoholic drink, originally from Normandy. It is made by distillation of usual Apple cider. The strength of the drink is the same as that of vodka is about 40 degrees.

The history of the emergence

According to experts, happened this drink thanks to the efforts of Dutch merchants, who demanded that French farmers distilling wine. This was done in order to increase the strength of the drink and increase the convenience of transportation. It – brandy. And it is this technology and gave people the idea that you can distill not only the wine, but Apple cider, which Normandy was made already in the 11th century.

The first record of the distillation of Apple cider to treat 1563, which was written in the diaries of ordinary rural nobleman. However, no commercial subtext is not carried, the Calvados was made parochial, and "for yourself".

 The name of the drink comes from the name of the province in which it was first produced Calvados. As for the name of the province itself, there is the assumption that it was named in honor of the ship, Calvado that crashed in the area in 1588. Others claim that the name came from the game "Calva" that occurred in ancient Rome. In other matters, both views have a right to life. Okonchatelno drink was called "Calvados" after the French revolution of 1789, when the borders were divided, and the province renamed completely.

It should also be said about an interesting fact about Calvados. The peak of his popularity came when France embraced the disease Phylloxera, which almost destroyed all the vineyards of France. It was then that the farmers focused not on fault that I lost a lot of quality and the cider and Calvados.

Properties of Calvados

Properties of Calvados are absolutely indistinguishable from the properties of any alcohol, except that there are some distinctive features – a unique Apple aroma , amber/cognac color. The rest of the properties unchanged

Has a pleasant taste and smell

- In small quantities allows you to relieve emotional tension

- Stimulates blood circulation

- Improves digestion

The use of Calvados

Calvados has all the positive aspects inherent in the way alcoholic beverages, and the same disadvantages. Of the advantages include: stimulation of blood circulation, stimulation of digestion, emotional discharge, pleasant taste. From the negative aspects of Calvados: for frequent use, or serve in unreasonable dosages leads to alcohol dependence, contributes to the degeneration of the tissues of the kidneys, liver, and heart. This can be attributed to various psychological disorders (suicidal tendencies, etc.), and most importantly, the degeneration of the genetic material (remember that the male sex cells are updated, unlike the women's) that can cause deformities of the fetus, and so on. Thus, whether the Calvados medication, food, or poison, depends solely on the dosage and frequency of use.

The use of Calvados

The range of applications of Calvados is very high: due to its aroma and rich taste, great for cooking a variety of dishes, mainly different kinds of desserts, pastries, and other things. Naturally, cooking is a young Calvados.

In the kitchen, many of the French is always a bottle of Calvados. No wonder, because with it you can add more color to the usual sauces, desserts, baked goods, meat. By the way, is extremely popular cocktails with the addition of Calvados, because due to the flavor and aroma of this drink, with it you can mix a huge amount of various juices, and other alcoholic beverages.

The dangers of Calvados

The negative side of the drink is, again, quite similar with the negative sides than other alcoholic beverages. This unstable psychological state(with high doses), alcohol dependence, degeneration of the cells of internal organs, changes in the genetic material.

Calvados is a great drink with a bright taste, pleasant odor that is traditionally "romantic" drink. Despite a high degree, it is pleasant to the taste and easy to drink. The main thing to remember about the measure.