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The benefits and harms of Serum

Useful properties of serum lactic

Drinking just one glass of fresh whey, you can strengthen your immune system. Then no cold you will not be able to overcome. Infectious diseases remain in the past, and with them the virus.

The digestive system, thanks to this product, too, is restored. Healing of the stomach lining and intestinal flora back to normal, to use the serum a couple of weeks. This product cures gastritis and colitis. Useful and suffering from constipation.

Whey is able to restore water and salt balance. Because the components in it of excess fluid, which contributes to the disappearance of swelling. The body is cleared of toxins, toxins. It is enough to drink a glass of whey, fulfilling one condition – you drink it on an empty stomach.

It is recommended to enter into the diet this healthful beverage "cores" and "high blood pressure". Substances which are rich in serum, cleanse the body of bad cholesterol, which means that the vessels will not produce dangerous "plaques" that clog them.

The product shown in this depressive state. It turns out that whey contains components that have a negative effect on the production of so-called stress hormones. And the production of happy hormone serotonin, on the contrary, promotes.

Successfully you can use whey for weight normalization. Because it can reduce the appetite. A rich set of nutrients can help without harm to the body, to stick to a reducing weight diet.

Serum and has an excellent whitening effect, especially when you have oily skin or normal. If you add a few drops of lemon juice and wipe the skin with this mixture every day, the impact will increase.

Will help milk whey and a sun-burnt skin. For this we need to add in warm bath, a couple of liters of serum and lay there for about twenty minutes.

This healing tool you can also restore hair, if you wash them with a mixture of dairy whey and a decoction of burdock roots once a week.


The only reason to refuse to accept the serum — individual intolerance to lactose. A person with such a problem may be an allergic reaction, swelling, diarrhea, severe flatulence.

Another danger is improper storage. Missing natural product — environment for development of pathogenic bacteria.

Despite contraindications, the whey is very healthy and tasty beverage which can be applied in dozens of ways. Be sure to include it in your diet!