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The benefits and harms of Punch

Warming property punch is not only about drinking it hot, and and the dilation of blood vessels contained in the alcohol is ethanol. But the maximum allowable amount of ethanol, harmless to health is 20-30 ml.

Improved circulation, saturation of the body with trace elements and vitamins, treatment of digestive system also assist non-alcoholic punch components (honey, spices, fruits and squeezed juices from them).

Biologically active tannins, antioxidants, theanine, contained in the components of the punch, increase the production of gastric juice, give the drink antibacterial, tonic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The damage from the punch


But the frequent and excessive use of alcoholic punch increases the tendency to alcoholism and fraught with all the problems that are inherent in the admission of undiluted alcohol, including harm to the health of the body. Allergy sufferers should be examined carefully, not cause any allergic reaction spices, honey and other components of the punch.

Therefore, to get involved in the daily admission punch should not be, the best is taking it in small doses, on public holidays or in extreme conditions.