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The benefits and harms of Morse

Use cranberry juice in the normalization of the protective functions of antioxidants is invaluable, as it leads to neutralization of free radicals, which entails stopping the development of chronic diseases and reduces the chances of developing cancerous tumors.

Today, the benefits and harms of cranberry juice known to doctors. The resulting experiments data allow us to use the healing properties of the fruit for the normalization of the bowel, successfully used the drink as a natural antidepressant. Besides fruits plants help in the treatment of the most severe dermatitis and eczema.

Such use cranberry juice as the ability to inhibit the aging process is invaluable. In addition, it is a means to enhance immunity, has no side effect unlike medication. Berry has the ability to neutralize virus infection. Daily consumption of fruit as food is able to provide a strong defense against colds

Despite the recognized healing properties, the berry has contraindications. Damage cranberry juice are noted for the tooth enamel, which drink can destroy. Although it is a good remedy for scurvy. After eating the fruit is better to carefully clean the mouth to avoid the negative effects of acid. Seen damage cranberry juice for people suffering from gastritis.

Medicinal properties of berries you can use to increase hemoglobin. It has long been used by healers, it is recommended to boost immunity. Berry helps with serious poisoning, it is able to quickly neutralize harmful substances.

Damage cranberry juice possible if you are allergic to the fruit. Do not expect a therapeutic effect from the products of berries with the addition of preservatives.

Helps drink if you need to get rid of inflammatory diseases of bone tissue. Benefits and harms of cranberry juice is noted as the ability to prevent the development of diseases of the genitourinary system and at the same time, regular consumption of the drink increases the acidity, causing heartburn.