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The benefits and harms of Lemonade

Use lemonade

Use lemonade lies in the chemical composition of the drink ,which contains large amounts of vitamin C, which perfectly strengthens the immune system. The studies of American doctors, it was established that natural non carbonated lemonade helps in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and kidneys. The fact that the drink contains a large number of salts of citric acid, which can destroy and remove stones from the kidney.

The dangers of lemonade


However, besides benefits there are and the harm of lemonade, and, as a rule, dangerous to health are beverages produced by the industry. Often manufacturers break costs due to the quality of the source ingredients. As part of today's store-bought lemonade can be detected half of the periodic table.

The dangers of lemonade will be in the content of colorants, preservatives and stabilizers of taste. Frequent use of lemonade leads to obesity, development of diabetes, and increased excitability in children, aggressiveness and as a consequence fatigue.