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The benefits and harms of Coffee

That coffee is useful

Well, about the caffeine they know everything. Most believe it is not too useful, but because the fans of a healthy lifestyle trying to drink coffee with its minimal content. However, the English doctors say that caffeine is simply necessary for us. If you deprive a person of all the products in which it is contained (coffee, tea, Cola, chocolate, etc.), it will increase the likelihood of headaches and irritability. To avoid this, daily we need this amount of caffeine contained in two cups of coffee, three cups of tea or half tiles of dark chocolate.

But in addition to caffeine, the coffee is about 30 we need organic acids. One Cup of coffee contains 20% daily value of vitamin P that is needed for our blood vessels.

The harm of coffee to the nervous system.

Prolonged stimulation of the nervous system, the body is constantly in an excited state. The nervous system is experiencing prolonged systematic stress. This stress causes a depletion of nerve cells and disrupts the normal functioning of all body systems.


The dangers of coffee on mental health.

The use of caffeine in large amounts can lead to the development of various psychoses, epilepsy, paranoia. Can cause unmotivated aggression.

The dangers of coffee for your heart.

Coffee enhances the function of the heart, excites the vasomotor center, speeds up pulse. Caffeine has a short-term effect on blood pressure - leads to a small increase in pressure. The above properties of coffee make it especially harmful to people with diseases of cardiovascular system (arterial hypertension, ischemic heart disease, etc.). But coffee can harm and cardiovascular system of healthy people. The greater the amount of consumed coffee, the higher the risk.

The dangers of coffee for the cardiovascular system depends on the following factors:

Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Genetic predisposition to cardiovascular diseases.

Other factors that contribute to these diseases (weight, nutrition, physical activity).

The amount of consumed coffee.

The method of preparation of coffee, prepared by the method of brewing is much more harmful for heart than coffee made in a coffee maker. Workshop A Healthy Lifestyle