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The benefits and harms of Compote

The composition and quantity of vitamins, biologically active substances, organic acids and minerals as well as flavor and color of the drink is directly dependent on the ingredients used in the preparation of the drink. Raw materials for preparation of compotes are fruits (apples, pears, quinces, apricots, peaches, plums, tangerines, oranges and other fruits) and berries (cherry, grape, cherry, red and black currants, plums, gooseberries, dogwood, cranberries, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, etc.). To keep the drink all the nutrients, heat treatment is recommended to spend 5 minutes, not more, and when the cover is closed.

The sugar content in the compote makes it quite high-calorie drink. Therefore, people suffering from diabetes, in the usual form it is not recommended to drink it. They should prepare fruit drinks or sugar-free, or replace it with substitutes.

Unusual compote of raisins. It is recommended by doctors as a remedy against anemia, muscle weakness, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, at high temperature, fever, heart diseases and kidneys. You can give this compote infants with colic, microflora imbalance, intestinal gases. To make it from raisins and remove dirt particles and stems, wash in warm water. Prepared raisins are placed in a kettle to make tea, pour boiling water, insist 30 minutes. When preparing a beverage for children take highlights pieces 5-10 and 200 milliliters of water.

Very valuable drink is compote from a dogrose. It is a storehouse of minerals, acids and vitamins. It is very important to use it in cold season, bad weather, in the period of colds. A particularly useful beverage for people with disturbance of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys, helps to excrete excess fluid, binds and removes toxins and normalizes metabolism. Fresh or dried rose hips crushed, poured into a thermos, add sugar, then poured boiling water. Infused three or four hours.

Harm and contraindications

Those who suffer from renal insufficiency, pregnant 2-3 trimester is not recommended to use fruit drinks in large quantities. This may contribute to the accumulation of excess fluid in the body, and therefore create an additional burden on the kidneys.

People with diseases of gastritis with high acidity of the stomach with ulcers, damaged tooth enamel should not eat canned sour fruits and berries.