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The benefits and harms of Cola

The carbonated soft drink remains popular for centuries, in spite of numerous competitors. Drink mix invented by the American chemist John Pemberton in 1886, and ten years later, a businessman from Mississippi came up with the trademark Coca-Cola and the famous bottle design.

The benefits and harms of Coca-Cola are additives used in the production of the mixture. It has caffeine — a well-known alkaloid contained in tea, guarana, coffee tree, mate. About the usefulness of the substance of scientists ' opinions are mixed.

It stimulates muscular activity, save us from mental and physical fatigue, increases efficiency, improves memory and intellectual abilities. The substance is recommended for athletes as a means of increasing endurance and helping your body recover from heavy exercise.

Due to the high content of alkaloid, the use of Coca-Cola is known for the ability to improve mood, soda stimulates the production of serotonin – the hormone stimulating the nervous system. Drink can help to cope with depression and emotional disorder.


But as you know, for any products necessary measure, the same high concentration of caffeine is a serious threat and harm to Coca-Cola for health. Large quantities of the alkaloid has a negative effect on the body. The abuse of soda scientists recognized the dangers of Coca-Cola to the increase in blood pressure and increased load on the heart. It should be drunk with caution for people with diseases of ischemia, arrhythmia suffering from hypertension.

According to scientists the use of coke can be observed when consumed not more than 300 ml a day, then a treat will be harmless to the body.

Because of the large acid content in the drink, the doctors recognize the dangers of Coca-Cola for people with the disease of gastritis or ulcer. It is impossible to use for people with reduced blood clotting, treat weakens the natural mechanisms to stop bleeding, promotes the appearance of freckles and acne.

The product is composed of phosphoric acid, which is the abuse of soda rids the body of calcium, violates the kidneys, causing liver dysfunction. However, high concentrations of acid — the real use of Coca-Cola, as a means to remove scale or rust.

In many ways, the benefits and harms of Coca-Cola are known for their high sugar content. Despite the nutritional properties and high concentration of carbohydrates, soda contributes to weight gain, it is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes and obesity.