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The benefits and harms of Brew

This drink has long been attached great importance, even then, there were special respected profession called "kvasnik". These specialists have produced traditional Russian drink different types: Sweet; Sour; Mint; Apple; Beet; Raisin; White; Red; Okroshka; Fragrant; Daily; Thick; Brew-soup. Traditional Slavic kvass contains a volume fraction of ethyl alcohol not more than 1.2%, it is made by incomplete alcoholic and lactic fermentation of the wort. According to modern classification, kvass is in the category of "Beer historical, traditional, local." And in Russia, home brew is an independent national drink and has the following varieties: Grain kvass; Fruit brew; Berry brew; Milk kvas; kvass is Okroshka. Part of the kvass consists of the following nutrients: Water; Carbohydrates; Mono - and disaccharides; Alcohol; Organic acids; Starch; Ash; Proteins; Dietary fibre. The use of the brew becomes obvious when you find out what valuable vitamins it contains: Vitamin PP; Vitamin E; Vitamin B1; Vitamin B2. Best known and distributed the kvass, made from rye flour and malt. But not to be confused with synthetic surrogates of kvass, kvass drinks, which includes a solution of carbon dioxide, sweeteners and flavorings. Real bread kvass has a pleasant refreshing taste. It has a high energy value, thirst quenching due to the content of acids (lactic and acetic). Contained in the brew carbonic acid helps digestion, its absorption and raises the appetite.



Contraindications and harms of kvass home In the present and fresh brew no harmful substances. Harms of kvass, made with application of right technology, will not. But as kvass is a product of fermentation, then after a while it tends to sour. In the industrial production of bread kvass is pasteurized or canned, and, as a result, the drink loses its beneficial properties. The pasteurization of kvass half loses its beneficial qualities, and in conservation also becomes harmful properties. In this case, the harm of possible brew for the body. The contents of a small percentage of alcohol in bread kvass requires careful use. After drinking kvass is not recommended to immediately drive better than an hour to wait. Not recommended to use home brew for pregnant women and young children. The dangers of kvass in this case, also associated with the presence of mobile elements that can cause mild intoxication. Potential harm that the brew has when drinking this beverage, individuals with certain diseases: liver Cirrhosis; Gastritis; high blood pressure.