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The benefits and harms of Grog

Useful properties and composition

Grog inherent warming effect of a Cup of this fragrant cocktail will be very helpful in cold or rainy night, especially at the first sign of a cold, with hypothermia, frostbite, loss of strength, or simple fatigue. Hot grog has a tonic effect and exhibits antiseptic effect. With it in the distant past the sailors supported in bad weather, your immune system and they also warned the development of certain infectious diseases. Among other things, drink good cheer, and drinking it in the company of true friends helps to dispel melancholy and negative thoughts.

All for rum since ancient times, is two glory. First, people who can not control their addiction to alcoholic drink he took to the grave. Second, under moderate and measured the application to get rid from various diseases. In addition to colds and inflammation of rum were healed of various wounds, and cured some of the diseases of the nervous system and even the circulatory system.


About the benefits and healing properties of grog shows an interesting fact: it has long been in the Swiss Alps in search of lost in the drifting snow, people were sent to St. Bernards, on the neck which is fastened to the cask of rum is believed that a few SIPS of an alcoholic drink can warm victims in avalanches and frozen people, to give them at least a little strength.

Harm and contraindications

To consume this drink should be only when necessary, respecting the measure, as it contains alcohol, but about the dangers of alcohol on human health is known to almost everyone. At one time, it is recommended to drink not more than 200 milliliters of grog, and people with liver or kidney, and prone to alcoholism should all abandon the use of this cocktail.