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The benefits and harms of fig

The fig is a subtropical tree, whose height reaches up to 12 m. The composition of fresh figs has 24% of sugar, and in a dried-up to 37%. Berries contain the following components: tannin, proteins, organic acids, fats. Eat figs can be fresh, canned or dried. Using fresh fruit can be cooked jam and marmalade. The proportions of the product. Benefits and harms of figs are determined based on vitamins and minerals included in its composition. In fig 1 piece contains the following amounts of ingredients: Vitamins Vitamin E (TE) (E (TE)) - 0.3 mg of Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) (B2) -0.09 mg of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) (B1) -0.07 mg Vitamin A (RE ) (A (RE)) - 13 mg Beta-carotene mg -0,078 mg Vitamin PP -1.2 Minerals Iron (Fe) -0.3 mg Phosphorus (P) -68 mg Potassium (K) -710 mg Sodium (Na) -11 mg of magnesium (mg) -59 mg of Calcium (Ca) -144 mg figs benefits and harms of nutrients that make up the figs have on the body complex effect. 

Thus, the maximum reached the beneficial properties of figs. Use figs is as follows: From the high blood pressure. figs Berries are composed of large amounts of potassium. Consequently figs can be maintained at the appropriate level blood pressure. Today, many food products are subjected to special treatment, some of them can identify a huge dose of sodium. In violation of potassium in the body proportions of the human and sodium, high blood pressure begins to develop. The disease is almost impossible to cure. If you get rid of it partially, it quickly returns with the wrong diet. To achieve normal nutritional balance must carefully monitor their diet. The first step towards achieving this is the regular use of figs. Strengthening bones. With daily use of figs body gets the required amount of calcium. Calcium is an important component in the body's vital functions, namely to preserve the strength and increased bone density. When lack of calcium in the body is disrupted operation of the musculoskeletal system. In case of lack of this trace element bones begin to be brittle, fragile, hence increasing the risk of fracture. With age, the human body requires large amounts of calcium. Therefore figs must necessarily be in the diet of each person. Preventing the development of cancer. With daily use of figs women survivors of menopause, can prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. The risk of this disease is reduced by 36%. Useful properties of fig leaves. Leaves of plants are represented, as well as its berries are characterized by excellent useful properties. According to the results of the research, it became known that the fig leaves have a healing effect. They are used extensively for the prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes. When used leaves a decrease in cholesterol levels and increased insulin response cells. Since ancient times, figs are actively used in medicine. Yet for a long time it was used as a diaphoretic and antipyretic. When a person has experienced a cough or sore throat, gave him a decoction of berries figs.

Figs contraindicated used in pancreatic diseases, diabetes, pancreatitis. The investigation of a large amount of oxalic acid, the product is harmful for gout. A large number of fiber making figs detrimental in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, wearing an inflammatory character. It is prohibited to use figs people with obesity. It is forbidden to use the product is submitted to eat before a trip or an important meeting, as it has a laxative effect. But this feature is useful for constipation. Thus, at the same time seen the benefits and harms of figs. Dried figs benefit and harm during pregnancy Any future mom trying to take care of their meals at the time of pregnancy. The main thing here is not that it is obliged to eat well, and then to consume products that are not harmful to the body of mother and her baby. Eating dried figs, the harm and the benefit it must necessarily take into account the future mother. Drink it can be raw or dried form. The only caution for pregnant women is gestational diabetes. After all, in the use of figs in the dried form, the body receives a lot of sugar, but it is very harmful for pregnant women with this diagnosis. In these small sweet fruit you can find a lot of good. However, to determine figs benefit or harm everyone should own. The only advice in this situation is that with moderate use of any product is the use of the body only.